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Yup, I was getting mixed up. Thx.
Ummm....do you mean XLR's have a worse S/N ratio than RCA's?For what it's worth, I had a 4520 and changed to a 8801. Both are phenominal pieces of equipment and sound wonderful. Would I say I could hear a difference....no.
I think it should. It works fine with my Universal Remote I programmed with Hex codes.
+2 (Got two 8801's from him)
I think because it comes as a zipped file. You need to unzip it first.
Yes, I believe it does save all your settings including Audyssey.
Sorry, can't help with submitting this to Harmony, I use a Mx-850 from URC.
Thanks for all the suggestions for Discrete Power. I'm gonna call Marantz tomorrow and see if they have any suggestions. I do have the latest discrete Hex codes for the 8801 that have not been released yet. I will attach it here for you all.  
Does anyone have the discete Power ON hex code for only the Main Zone. The one I currently have that I got from Marantz triggers on all 4 zones at once, not just the Main one. Thanks!
I understand the low-end consumer players may have this limitation. I would hardly consider the 590/790 low end. I have also have a BDP-270 that cost $50 3 years ago. It has no trouble with TrueHD LPCM 7.1 support, but their most current flagship model can't even handle that. Come on Sony.
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