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Gold Medal, Paragon, Star, and Cretors are the more well known major poppers. When I was going to first purchase a popper I wanted a Gold Medal but at the time they didn't make a 4oz popper. I remember seeing this Gold Medal popper at the movies when I was a teen. The 6oz Gold Medal popper like the one pictured above cost more than what I wanted to pay. I ended up buying a Star. I'm happy with my Star. I also liked the look of the Cretors poppers but they were...
I don't have the glaze pop every time I eat popcorn but I make sure I clean the kettle before it cools.
This is too cool. I thought about doing this a while ago. In my mnd that is. Makes traditional posters passee.
If you know someone that lives near you and he or she has 4oz or 6oz prepaks, you could measure their corn and see how much you need for your popper. How about this? Email Gold Medal and see what they say. Surely a popper manufacturer could tell you how to measure what you need.
I tried "Snappy" popcorn once and it was old popcorn that they must have sent me. It would never pop correctly. After that fiasco, I tried "Megapop" which is AKA Gold Medal popcorn. I didn't have any problems popping the GM popcorn using the same popper. I love it!
Yes, I use the Gold Medal "Glaze Pop" in my Star popper.It's soooooo good!The package says not to use salt but my Gold Medal popcorn has the salt and popcorn in the same packet.Even using salt, it tastes greatFrom Concession Stands' website"Glaze Pop is a light popcorn frosting and will not offer the full kernel coverage of traditional candy coated popcorn that is made with specialized equipment. Glaze Pop offers an easier, more economical alternative to using expensive...
This is what I use instead of kettle corn. It tastes just like cracker jack. From what I understand, I think Gold Medal says you should have a special kettle for popping kettle corn.
Jikk, Thx for the concession plans!
Good grief. If you like the product that's all that matters. You see what I'm using. My frugal butt won't buy a real butter dispenser. It's your money so buy what you want. This is what I'm using and I'm happy.
I can see using it for a car but not something that you would ingest. Have you actually used this? If so what were the comments? Just curious.
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