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Found these Disney throws a few days ago and had an idea this morning. These are on sale at Disney's store and it costs $4 for customization. I think it would be cool to have your theater name on them. These would probably be good for your guests when it's chilly in the theater, then again, I guess regular throws would do fine. * Personalize it, up to 10 characters, including spaces * Embroidered art * Arrives tied with a decorative grosgrain ribbon bow for a...
Cute! I'm tempted to get it but I already have a gumball machine.
Kinda off topic. I'm not particularly attracted to bald headed men but he is one of the exceptions. I think my first "Statham" movie was "The Transporter".
No gun here.
Very nice! Your custom made marquees make the smaller store marquee look like nothing. I also havae the smaller marquee but your custom marquee can't touch it.
Use a dark color that accents your seats and other furniture. Navy Blue, Brown, etc if you can't use black.
Nice, How did you make it? What kind of paint, etc.?
Electroshop is now http://www.cinemashop.com/ I have an idea. Maybe Stargate Cinema or Hollywood Marquee can start making one. I just sent both companies an email to look at this thread. Maybe Stargate or Hollywood can make a modified DVD marquee.
I actually like the new design. The company that made the original was "ShowOff Displays". I used to have his company bookmarked but I think something must have happened because they used to have a lot more stuff on their website. http://showoffdisplays.com/
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