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I haven't heard the buzzing on WIS recently. Hopefully that issue has been corrected.
OTA for me. I just dropped DirecTV after 10 years.
Great, thank you. I was hoping someone had an email address for a technical contact at WIS.
i visited AVS tonight to post this same question. I've also noticed it during other shows on NBC, but it seems to be most prominent on Chicago Fire. I get WIS on Directv and OTA and the problem is on both sources.
Can anyone using TWC with whole home DVR service comment on the newer Samsung DVR's vs. the older 8300 models? I left TWC a few years ago because I disliked the 8300 model receivers so much. Currently with Directv and want to add an additional receiver, but don't want to sign another 2 year agreement.
Thanks for the link. I'm thinking of selling mine but having a hard time determining what it should sell for. Surprised to see that there aren't many (any?) used ones available.
Anyone know of a resource to determine a fair selling price for a 4810? I checked eBay and Audiogon, but didn't find any currently for sale.
Thanks for the detailed reply Tigger!. I've owned Anthem gear in the past and never had any issues so I was hoping their build quality hasn't changed.
How has the reliability of these units been? Any common problems? My Denon 4810 is out for repair again. I'm considering dumping it and moving to something different.
Some good insight there. I drank the Apple kool-aid a few years ago, so I live in the walled garden already. I do have some music on an iPhone and iPad and previously used the remote app to control the iTunes library on the mini. I guess the more I think about it, the more I'm torn between simplifying or keeping the mini.
New Posts  All Forums: