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dont adjust anything
10 times a second!
i dont have OTA but they are passing the same poor signal to Time Warner
does anyone else find the TWC UNC broadcast horrible?
Quote: Originally posted by nothru22 I am not a fanboy. I just think Xbox roolz and PS2 suxx0rz. LMAO!
Hello all, Question: Is anyone using DVI with the 8300HD? if so, did the HDMI -- DVI adapter cable come with the unit or would I need to buy it? How is the DVI compared to Component? Craig
Diana, Just wanted to say thanks for your patience with our frustrations. Being the only TWC rep 'in the house' it seems as though you take all of the beating around crunch time for an important HD event. Additionally, want to let you know we appreciate EVERYTHING you have contributed to this forum. Most notably, some excellent customer service on problems and issues which we may not have received had we only called in. I feel it in my bones that we will have Fox in HD...
1920, I didn't take you question as a criticism and thought it to be an interesting topic. Certainly one I had never thought of before. Rading this post helped me think of a new appraoch to explaining the diference between Prog and inter. scan to the un-initiated.
Diana, Thanks for the update. I know you're looking out for us. Great job as always. Keep on those people at SA. I know the negotiations take time for carriage agreements but does anyone say "We really need to get this done immediately because of the programming we have right now!" ie Baseball , Masters on NBC, etc Craig
I have gotten quite hooked on Lost myself. Have we heard any more news about the DVI port activiation?
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