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Yes, I ended cancelling my TV and Phone, and keeping internet with TWC.Got Netflix/Hulu/Amazon and OTA for TVMagicJack for PhoneNot missing cable TV at all.Definitely having some OTA issues with the Mohu Leaf unit though, going to try the suggestion above.[/quote]At some point the cable companies will start charging for data transfered or will adjust transfer speed according to what you are paying for the service.They will get their pound of flesh one way or another, just...
I will look into this further; although I am probably stuck with an indoor unit simply because of where the TV is located; running something to a window would not be an easy option.[/quote] Never is; but it will be worth it. Do you still have twc for internet?
You can enable java for just the site(s) that you want using "edit site preferences."
I've been using Opera for over 10 years; currently running ver 12.16. Prior to that I used Netscape, best 35 dollars spent on software.
I think it's up to the provider.I called time warner and was told that ANY cable card not issued by them would not be compatible with their system.Considering that the FCC set the standard requiring the encryption device be separate, from the tuning/recording device.There should be no reason for compatibility, long as the manufacturer is the same.On Ebay, the sellers of the cable cards warns potential buyers to call their cable co to make sure the cable card for sale will...
Thanks for the reply.
Anyone using a cable card purchased from Ebay? With time warner cable.... REW452 thanks for the reply.
This is true.Just have to run it in XP compatibility mode.
I resemble that remark!
Have you down loaded this program and put it to use?
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