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Alex, I haven't moved any setting save the backlight down one notch. The picture is still as amazing as when Z-Mad left. As I was discussing with Z I like to check skin tones on a news channel with an in studio shot. They tend to flood the studio with lights, know their subjects and broadcast near perfect skin tones. Other sources tend to be artistic and may introduce colored lighting and distort the image. Good luck!
Yeah, it took Sharp a month and five phone calls to get me ONE SCREW. Good luck with that.
With my apartment facing to the East, I get a good morning Sun bath. It survived quite well this morning with the +4 setting. So far so good.
Z-Mad, on a side note. Smerconish is on CNN right now and he looks FABULOUS!! Joe
Thank you very very much, Z-Mad!! It was a pleasure meeting you and you did an amazing job on my Sharp! You are most welcome here any time, if you brain storm a great idea with this set, I'll make it available to you. Also, the offer still holds; I owe you a nice sushi meal for all your hard work. When you're in this neck of the woods give me a heads up, there are some real good places on this side of town. I can't wait to hear how other 650 owners like the settings....
I have a haircut appt at 2, if it's after 3:30 I'm good.
Z-Mad, I tried your earlier Game settings and it looked really good. I'll give this a shot too. Any update on visit?
I've had my 70" 650 since September. One dead pixel, issues with Sharp customer service, why I didn't buy their EW and no white dots. I do have the TV reboot once in awhile. Not sure why but I do have auto update set to on. I'm turning it off to see if that was the issue.
I hope you had a great trip. No rush, just excited. Get some rest and we'll do this when you're ready.Joe
Hi Z-Mad, any idea about free time in the near future? My set has been asking about you!
New Posts  All Forums: