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While I can not help you with MCE/Vista... Have you tried hooking up with VLC? Try to isolate the issue between the HDHomerun and the PC. I use mine with SageTV, which works fine, but I had to learn the lesson that for SageTV, I had to have the HDHomerun applet running as well. I assume you have also posted your problem on the SiliconDust forum.
The 450 watt power supply does not look like a standard one, which means if it goes, you will be probably have to look at getting a new case.
Not sure which Sammy you have, but if it has VGA, you might want to give that a shot.
My quietest drive is a older Sony DVDR (8X). AnyDVD which is mainly for MV flag removal, also has the option of slowing down DVD roms.
Try without the AVisyth - l run FDShow on a P4 2.6 (overclocked 2.4) at 2x resize with reclock with no problems. I do get dropped frames at 3x.
Man. your luck on new posts hasn't been very good lately. 4 months too late on the HDDVD and now this. http://www.avsforum.com/avs-vb/showthread.php?t=806749
For DVD's only, well no TV Capture anyway, look at XLobby. The Movie section is pretty good. I have stopped using XLobby and am now using SageTV with the Media Center studio enhansement. But then again, I wanted PVR/Live TV as well. For Ripping, while not fun, I would use DVD Shrink and not rip all of the additional garbage on the DVD. Things like foreign language, preview and those ever so wanted "extras".
Not with the pos twin lead that is on this antenna. I have tried it both ways with the balun at the end of the twin lead and with the balun at the antenna. There is no comparison, balun at the antenna wins. BTW, since this is an inside antenna, and coax length is probably less than 10 feet. Feedline losses are insigmificant.
vlc has it's own codecs so I don't think it is possible. Use the free DScaler 5 codec with Zoom Player. For DVDs you have to pay for ZoomPlayer.
Even better when you replace the crappy 300 ohm twin lead with a 300 to 75 ohm balun and coax. I just cut the twin lead a half of an ince from where it is connected, striped off the insulation and soldered it to the 300 ohm side of the balun. Tape it up so it is insulated. Connect your coax and the results are much, much better.
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