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Kevin- So sorry to hear you're still without your Vango. I thought my experiences were a cautionary tale about buying non-mainstream projectors, but what you're going through is a lot worst. Hopefully, you'll get it back soon and will be happy as a clam (at least until 4K media becomes commonly available). Tim
I stopped using my Logitech remote for the Tivo once I got Tivo's RF remote. It is so nice to not have to point the remote directly at the Tivo! I even moved the Tivo behind my Blu-Ray player (I had them stacked before) and it still works great.
I'm using an old , two tuner Tivo Premiere instead of a Mini. The benefit is you have local storage on the Premiere and can transfer recordings between the two. Makes it easier to time-shift an entire season. Perhaps you could pick up a premiere cheap on ebay?
Interesting about the file size. Perhaps I gave up on the unit too quickly.
Sorry, I wrote that from memory, and forgot the file size. The files were in 2 GB chunks. And yes, on my PC. I got the Rocket before Christmas and returned it a few days later. Perhaps they've improved the applications since then.My USB HDD has its own power supply and usually works with everything. I was surprised it didn't work with the Rocket.I was using TME. HC never quite worked properly for me. Thanks for the tip:)... I'll reinstall the driver
I just noticed that I lost the ability to set my HDPVR-1212's maximum bitrate. The dialog just will not appear. There seems to be an XML file for these settings. Does anyone know how to edit the file to set the maximum bitrate? Thanks.
I bought a rocket from Amazon and returned it. The fact that it only records stereo was a problem, but the major issue I had was that you cannot connect an external hard drive via the USB port. It was also irritating that it always cuts recordings to be 4GB. As to the question about 18 mbps...yes you can find some sports broadcasts at 19 mbps. I don't know for sure, but I assume that games may have even higher bitrates. The fact that the Rocket records at a higher rate...
Apple TV used to be 720P - is yours? The Roamio is actually a dedicated HTPC and is (I believe) a lot more powerful than the Apple TV. My only experience comparing the two is with the older version of the Apple TV, and Netflix on the Roamio is definitely much better. I've also got a Roku 3, and the Roamio seems a bit better in some ways (the Roku has very limited local storage space sometimes hangs up while scrolling) but I like the ease of use better on the Roku. Roku...
After I convert I quickly check out the converted file, and then delete the original. I used to hold onto the converted shows for a long time, but I find that if I haven't watched the converted video within a few months, I delete it. You can stream almost anything within a year of it airing these days, and it is getting better. I used to time shift shows with my VCR, then with a huge hard drive in my DVR, but as streaming evolves it just doesn't seem worth holding onto ...
Is one source delivering stereo and the other AC3? The audio level difference may occur if there is downmixing, and where it occurs may also be an issue. In the Tivo manual it says "When selecting the Dolby Digital to PCM setting, the audio signal will be downmixed from Dolby Digital 5.1 to 2-channel PCM". What does your other source do?
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