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Yeah, what he said.
Thanks Phil I will have to learn more about the difference between QAM and QAM256. I unfortunately will not be able to play with a STB as I have never had one. I am one of those $11 a month basic subscribers who get the locals via un-encrypted QAM on my Sony. That package just works for my family given our very moderate viewing habits. Also being one to not put all my eggs in one basket, I keep an indoor Radio Shack antenna hooked up to my TV as well. Just...
DonB2 Interesting questions about QAM encryption -vs- non-encrypted. My person feeling is that non-encrypted or un-encrypted QAM is here to stay. I have no facts to back up that feeling it is just that - a feeling. The argument to encrypt everything is most likely simplicity. It would be somewhat wise from a technical standpoint to say everything HAS to go thru the encryption algorithm. That makes for a clear and easy technical specification to enforce across the...
Oh well, ESPN while it lasted was good. My son and I enjoyed seeing the X games. That double back flip by Travis Pastrana was incredible. It was only thanks to this forum that I even knew to scan and tune into ESPN as we watch so very little TV anymore. I visit this forum more times each week than the TV is on in our house especially in the summer. But for a short while I was close to my personal ala-carte nirvana. ESPN, HDNET, DISC-HD and the locals. Of...
Whoops. NBC via clear QAM sust snapped back into existence here.
Now at about 8:45 until 9:00pm NBC via Clear QAM is no longer there via my Sony HDTV. It says "Signal cannot be decoded" I have been receiving Clear QAM for a few years. It was on earlier today but not tonight. Anyone else see this? I am going to check my Samsun QAM tuner upstairs in a bit. Bill
Titan TV doesn't have the Canes game listed for tomorrow night. I assume it is on NBC17 here in Raleigh is it not? Hopefully not OLN again as I don't get tht.
I am not home right now but I had the ES15 for over a week while waiting on the ES25. The picture (DVD player) thru COMPONENT seems exactly the same while as I already reported the up-conversion of commercial DVD's seems more clean and vibrant thru HDMI = good. The recorder aspect seemed to have the same quality on both the ES15 and the ES25. Now, I only recorded about 6-8 shows on the ES15 and 2 on the 25 (to date) but there you go as far as A -vs- B. NOTE:...
Well, the HDMI cable arrived yesterday and I hooked it up. The 1080i upconvert looks awsome. Of course component looks good, but the HDMI feed is quite impressive. It just appears to me more vibrant and clean. That's it for a bit, got a conference in CA to attend for a week. Peace
Yeah, there were 2 left after I got mine. It was the same price as j & r has online. BUT - It came with a $10 in-store gift-card and an offer for 5 free DVD Ram disks which I guess is worth another 5-8 dollars off the price of admission too.
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