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Guys, thanks for the feedback on where to look for a new Sony 50 inch A10 RP LCD TV. I struck out for the price I want at BB, Circuit City and both Tweeters. I even tried Adam at Tweeter on Highway 70. I have yet to see what I can do at SAMS, COSTCO or Sears. If anyone wants this TV with a stand I noticed some at BJ's in Cary tonight. Nice price on the TV with a stand, but I don't need a stand. (manager said they could not break the package) Ah well, looks...
Purchase time options: Can you folks tell me what local shops you frequent for TV's? I believe I am going to shop around and pick up a Sony KDF-E50A10 RP LCD this weekend. I care about price, service and probably price with service a close 2nd. Best Buy - Not excited about shopping here but I gotta check their $$ Circuit City - Ditto Sears - Heard their service is lacking Tweeter - Seems to have the same cost on the TV as BB and CircuitCity Garner TV - I...
Uggghh I asked about that 10% off coupon at BestBuy today and it is off the regular price. The coupon that expires on Dec. 18th. Which, given the TV is on-sale for exactly 10% off the regular price right now just means the coupon isn't good for the Sony 50A10 or the 42A10. Last I checked the local Circuit City, Tweeter and Best Buy all had the TV at the same price so I am going looking for a 50A10 elsewhere in the Raleigh Durham area.
Daryl, Also a little OT but... Sorry, no I don't have a TV with TVGOS to get guide data. Perhaps someone else can aid Daryl on that question. HOWEVER... I do wonder which TV you picked up and how you like it as I am shopping. I too am looking into RP LCD's and will use the cable feed straight in without any TWC box. (I get by on the 11 dollar basic subscription or whatever it costs) Thanks and good luck.
Drew and DeArgilla, Which versions of the LG tuner do you have? I have the 3100A. Do either of you (or anyone using an LG HDTV STB) have a newer version to see if the TNT and PBS issues are resolved? THANKS
Drew, DeArgila said it right. Things were looking hopeful last week but this week it is back to the same old song and dance, perhaps worse. No TNT-HD audio and I could not get any PBS QAM stations last night. (none) Ahhhh well, I guess I am about to give up hope on this LG unit. I don't have the $$ to replace it now but evidently it is a bit weird in the QAM reception department.
I wish it would have lasted but it has not. TNT-HD for my LG STB is once again GONE tonight. Nothing, zip, nadda. IF there are any TWC engineers looking around.... You had it fixed for a bit (well, except for the occasional spanish version) Please try again. Hope your listening.
deArgila, TNT-HD via my LG STB is english tonight on 84.3. Law and Order right about now. Did you try a re-scan perhaps?
deArgila, It was definetly English last night when before NOTHING. I was hoping to catch some B-Ball action tonight. I hope it is working when I get home, I will check it out. MACK - Is that box QAM capable or are you using it Over The Air. (OTA)
Evidently TWC is making strides too (or perhaps TNT) in the unencrypted QAM dept. Last night I suddenly had sound again over TNT-HD using my LG STB. THANKS TWC or TNT. Whoever it was - THANKS!!!!!!! Mack - Not sure about your issue but from what I have read on these forums lockups can be common on occastion and rare on others. With WRAL - it is usually stable however. No matter what, some nights are just luck-of-the-draw. If you are using a TWC box, you...
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