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Depends on the design of the matrix switch. It's an expensive hardware upgrade to add HDCP/EDID management. They kind of work hand in hand, to recognize what's attached to that output only, but also to store it so it does not have to sync each time it's switched. Because each of the outputs are addressed separately, you won't see the blanking. I don't have that problem on my 4x4, and the switching is instantaneous.You have to ask the manufacturer if their matrix has...
Ah, so doesn't a receiver with multi-channel analog output do the job? Or maybe the user asking for a switch with multi-channel analog audio ouputs?
I'm not sure if the audio de-embedder in this Key Digital switch would do what you're asking, but at least it takes care of the blanking problems with EDID management. They also build an extender now with de-embedder.
This one may fit the bill: http://www.digitalconnection.com/Products/Video/kdhd8x8bt.asp The receivers for CAT6 baluns would have to be purchased separately.
That's the great thing about the AVS community, the feedback on whether something works or not is valuable. But I went to the product page and could not find any information on how the 7522 deals with signals so here's some questions for the owners: Will the splitter handle two different types of audio formats on the outputs? Can you use stereo on one and surround on the other? Does it blank on one TV when you turn the other on? It would be nice if the design scheme...
Fantastic! I agree, I love stuff that works as designed out of the box.
Technically, you're not going to find a converter that will work because HDMI is encrypted with HDCP and can't be converted to analog, but that's not saying it's impossible. The thing is, it maybe cheaper just to replace the TV in the long run, otherwise, you will end up with a pricey converter that will have no useful purpose.
In order to get there, you'll have to get a matrix switch with some semblence of HDCP/EDID manangement so that the source/display dosn't have to handshake each time you switch. The lower price range of such a switch is around $3K like and commercial units like this with more flexibility will run you aroundt $6K and up.
There once was a version of firmware that allowed one button storage of DVD titles to the hard drive. Was convenient, but probably not kosher.
No, I'm not aware of anyway to do that.
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