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I see this as a good thing.... the old guard need a kick in the ass like this to get them to change. Netflix is an outstanding value and its not surprising to see them growing.
Sounds very similar to simpletv.... not that I would be totally against this kind of system but seems like we already have a product that does everything this will but will be interested to see some comparisons between them.
I have found this as well... The newer superHD encodes are looking really good these days. As was stated the only real negative is the lack of 5.1 on the epix movies but since amazon recently started adding it to theirs I assume netflix will be following suit pretty soon. I do much prefer using netflix these days over pretty much everything else because of the content library and if they can bring me better pq thats only a good thing imo.
Even 3k requires much more of a "commitment" than the current crop of 1k projectors. It goes back to the pc argument where you get the $500 graphics card once vs getting 2 or 3 cheaper cards over the same lifespan and constantly upgrading.Personally I don't see myself ever moving back up to the higher tiers (started out getting the 2-3k projectors) and imo getting a new projector every year or two is better.
I've had the hopper for about a year now.... actually went through the same decision process you are going through now deciding between them. In the end the price is what got me to choose dish and including espnU (even if its SD for now) on the at120 package. Makes the monthly bill even cheaper compared to directv. I do have a friend who got directv at the same time I got dish so I have spent some time using both. Initially both had speed issues and general bugs in...
I am a fan of it.... had it about a week and will be buying one for every tv in the house. For the music aspect alone through google music its worth it (esp if they add a play all feature). The one thing I haven't been able to verify is if chromecast supports superhd and there is no way to really tell what quality you are getting.
When they add the disney content I doubt they will but even if they go to $9.99 a month they will still be giving users incredible value. They have a pretty good library of new content with the epix content (although they do need to get them to start doing 5.1 audio).I always saw netflix trying to be a better hbo where everything is on demand and playable at anytime. Now with the focus turning to original content that is even more direct and they are doing some...
http://www.theverge.com/2013/2/1/3940906/netflix-streaming-first-hour-of-house-of-cards-for-freeI dont know.... no offense to lilyhammer but this is a whole different deal compared to that. This series does seem like it will warrant discussion and have enough viewers to justify that.
It went up at midnight this morning.... first episode is free to everybody. Was curious where the discussion of this was going to happen.... it could be here and also could be with all the other tv shows in hdtv programming. Also since the whole season is up now curious to know how to handle spoilers for those that have not watched it at all.
This is a good thing because it gets Netflix's cdn piped directly to your isp and not having to go out on the internet to stream which will do wonders to making their service run better. It does sound like they just took the existing 1080p high streams and just rebranded them (although the bitrate looks a bit higher than what they used to be) and moved them to their own cdn which I don't see as a bad thing. Every isp should want to be on Netflix's cdn assuming there is...
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