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They did.... the 4 bluray and streaming plan is $9 ($1 more than the base plan). Saw it on one of the articles.
I'll be interested to see what they have but can't see too many choosing this over netflix or amazon even with the rental credits.... had they gotten the new release credits to be for streaming versions of the movies that would have been a gamechanger.
Going back to win8.... its actually doing an odd thing on my surface. To get the 3850 stream I have to manually select it, when I let it auto ramp up it will only go to the 3000 tier. I know the surface is 720p in resolution but it does that even when I use the external hdmi to my 1080p tv. That said the UI for win8 is actually really good (overall the best one I've seen to date). Hopefully the next gen xbox uses the windows store (as rumored) and this app is what...
I use xbox video as my primary service.... I like you have xbox's at most of my tv's and am planning on getting a surface tablet so it will be the service I have most places I want to watch content on.
Subchannels in general have killed ota hd in my area.... one of them even runs 2 hd stations off the same tower so it causes one to be 12-13 and the other to be about 5-6. Its very much about offering the most hd channels (in the case of cable/dbs providers) and convenience (mobile apps) and not the best quality. To a point I agree that more hd is better but some go a bit too far to get there.
I know this has been asked before here but there are always new deals popping up and it seems now is a good time to buy with many places offering 5-10% off for the start of football season. Just curious if anybody has come across any good deals I might have missed. I only need a row of 2 chairs (prefer manual) and am looking at $400/chair as my...
I'd be interested in knowing as well.... I am close to houston (where they have a number of stores) so I could get down there to pick them up but would need to know when they are on sale again. I was thinking about getting fusion lagoons but if I can get these for $299 and save on the shipping costs that would be a much better deal.
My worst one was on my second projector I ever owned.... I think it was a panasonic ae300 and this was when I was using my projector as my main tv. Anyways I forgot I left it on one time and went to run some errands.... got back about 6 or 7 hours later and noticed it was still on and had burned the xbox dashboard into the lcd so I had to live with that halo effect and we all know here once you have an imperfection in your picture that's all you can ever see when...
I know this isn't exactly related to this thread but has anybody made a feedflix/instantwatcher for HBO yet? Been looking for one so I can see when new movies popup there (the older ones that don't get advertised as their weekly saturday release).
Zune/Vudu/itunes deliver 1080p at about 10 mbit.... Netflix/Amazon/HBOGO/etc all deliver 720p at roughtly 5 mbit.
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