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Welcome to AVS. I would suggest putting the town you live in since you are seeking local pick up only. Take Care Ron
I'm glad I read your review first, BEFORE making a blind buy purchase. I thought the trailers looked "fun" and as you put it a guilty pleasure. We didn't make it to the theater to see it...so I was justifying a blind buy purchase. I'll hold off and rent it first.
Post #76 should provide a real world experience for use of the spyder unit (though he used the pro, not the elite....one can assume it should be very similar).
Mike: I assume if we want to skip this update and wait for the next one (with anamorphic fix), each new update will include the previous "fixes"?
It is offered on redbox on DVD for those interested
Let me know if you would like to revisit selling the Anti-mode unit?
Lee: Thanks for the spot on review. I was really looking forward to it based on the sundance buzz and other early reviews. Though as minimalist horror/terror film, I appreciated it...but didn't love it. If you were to describe it in stereotyped Hollywood terms, it was Wolf Creek meets Funny Games. The set up to the film and characters reminded me of Wolf Creek in creating a natural introduction to the main characters, while surveying the location being the countryside....
LOL-can't imagine moving that 230lb beast. Great idea, thanks for the suggestion. What the measusurements really told me was I need a second JTR captivator.
I used quick measure this week and it's pretty slick. My only issue is moving my sub...it's 125 lbs....next time, I'll put it on a dolly (about same height as my sub stand) and move it around that way. During the quick measure, you will get a repeating test tone with graphing to show you what the current placement results are. I came to realize, I would get slightly better results on the other side of my couch (not by much), but it throws off the whole feng shui of the...
Thanks guys for your feedback on the auto-cal. Looks like I'll have to make the investment Take Care Ron
New Posts  All Forums: