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As some have reported, I had my first issue (one week anniversary of the new firmware download), this Sunday. I watched a movie in the morning and turn off the projector. When I came back in the afternoon, I tried to start it via the remote and nothing happened. I tried using the rear "on" button and nothing. I unplugged it for a couple of mins and it then turned on using the remote. Hopefully, it's a one time thing...but made me nervous about future issues. Love...
So the Anthem 40's/50's Pre/Pro have the same ARC as the new X10 receivers or is it an ugraded (more comprehensive) version of the new receiver line? I know their pre/rpro line owner's have had the option to upgrade their arc software, so this is assuming they done so. Sorry for my ignorance
Is it just me or am I experiencing the similar lack of product in the market place? I've turned down opportunities to buy from outside my market for the 510, but want to support my local retailer (Independence Audio and video), but it's a problem when they have NEVER received any shipments of the new Anthems...nada...not the 510 or 710 that have been available since early November. I now find out they are hoping they might get them in another two weeks. So four months...
I use furman products for all my equipment. A former local installer, whom I became friends with used furman in his set up. Our house was built in 1925 and still has some of the orginal wiring, so I want to create a stable enviroment for the equipment. I know my projectors over the years have benefited from being plugged into a UPS unit.
Please let's stay on topic.
The AVS store front doesn't drive the forum. If it did it would be rather obvious to all involved and certainly wouldn't be as popular and continue to grow after decades....that being said, if you have issues with AVS, we have an forum operations center to discuss AVS as a whole. If you want to discuss this projector or this model vs anyother projectors please do so here in this thread. Let's not take it off topic.
Bralas, please stick with the op's intended topic or start your own thread
Yikes.....I may have wished to wait a day before uploading the new firmware yesterday ...I don't know that I would have after reading the current rash of issues after the update. As stated, I updated yesterday using the JVC tested cable and converter (which is the same combo from my Anthem set up), so no issues downloading (though I had trouble finding the file for the second download)..but it all worked without any issues. I watched both the super bowl using google TV...
Are there any laser tools that members can use to help in the alignment process? On found this thread that maybe of interest to some on this project: http://www.avsforum.com/t/522974/laser-alignment-for-projector-screen-set-up
We were fortunate that when we moved from Houston (living room set up), we looked for a home in Kansas City that would allow us to put together a home theater=dedicated room used to create the movie theater experience (as best within our budget and environment). The house we bought was built in 1925 and owned by one family till we bought it. When the daughter of the original owner became to elderly to use the stairs, they converted the garage to a bedroom and built...
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