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I couldn't get KVUE-DT OTA today either, and to echo someone else's complaint about FOX-DT... yes, the level is very low (compared to all the other OTA stations), and the high-end seems to muted somewhat (i.e. EQ'd out). It's lame. I saw the same thing on both my OTA HD tuner setups.
In the great hills area... all you really need is coat hanger. the power is so great on these stations, that you won't need anything other than a cheap UHF, unless maybe your house is wrapped in aluminum foil or radiant barrier or something.
Well, I don't know what specific shows you're talking about, but since you seem to be affected on 80% of the local networks, I'm betting it's TWC. I did watch some TWC at a friend's house not too long ago, and I wasn't impressed. I think they do compress a lot. OTA has looked very good, what little I've watched lately.
Oh... sorry. I see. Well, GRANDE's main place is right up by my house, but I really don't know what their coverage is. I think they are more in the suburbs north of Austin, but I could be wrong. Check out their website, I suppose. Most likely, though, you will be serviced by TWC, and yes, they are expensive. -Rob
Bill, Your options are generally: 1) Over the Air HD: check out the channel options in the link in my signature and/or go here: http://www.antennaweb.org/aw/welcome.aspx to find channels, directions to towers, and recommended antennae. 2) DISH/DirecTV 3) Time Warner Cable In the part of Austin you'll be in, you might be able to pick up some San Antonio stations OTA depending on the antenna you choose as well as topology of the land around your house. Not sure what else you...
I updated it last night. Maybe you need to clear your cache? It was updated for me. I'm making another update right now. Should be posted by 9pm. I see what the problem is: my signature link is old. I resurrected my website and have been updating it there. I thought the austin.tx.us/hdtv had a forward link to my site now. Guess not. Go here: http://hdtv.genesishometheater.com/ -Rob
Guys and Gals, I have updated the HDTV summary (Finally). I would fire me if I were you. It's been 6 months since the last update. I incorporated the 3 emails worth of info I've received between now and then -- thanks to the following: * Josh H. * John M. * Murray W. If anyone has any other updates, please let me know. The VOOM/Dish section is out of control (which is a good thing). I hope I didn't overlook any PM's that folks sent me on AVS. -Rob
Quote: Originally Posted by thebland $1500 for a first run, first gen player is not an unreasonable price. Early adopting is always expensive. It is not geared towards most HT enthusiasts. Just the enthusiasts with a few bucks to throw around on the hobby. Hell, it could'bve been $3K. $1500 MSRP will probably be $1K retail. Hell, I my last LD player sold for $2300 and it was 480i. If it looks to be the best of the bunch and you're an early adopter, it...
Man... when I first saw RoboCop, I thought it was a great flick. I was flipping channels the other day and came across it (or one of the sequels) and it looked really really dated. I'm not sure HD will be kind to that movie. :confused: Quote: Originally Posted by n2blu Woo-hoo! Definitely picking up these: Fifth Element Knight's Tale Resident Evil 2 RoboCop Stargate Terminator 1 Terminator 2 Considering Kung Fu Hustle as...
Don't worry about de-railing the thread. There was a stretch of about 1 year while we were all waiting for all the stations to go high power where we just shot the breeze and what-not. You have some good questions. And people have given good suggestions. That reminds me: anyone here need a 25' SVHS cable ($8) or a 25' Dual-Link DVI cable ($33). Both are from Monoprice.com (one of the header folks here at AVS)... I bought them for a custom install for a customer, and...
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