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WSZsr, Hook a decent antenna to your ATSC tuner input. Then do a channel scan. See the Austin Summary (in my signature) for what channels you should receive. Basically, you should see 7-1, 18-1, 24-1, 36-1, 42-1, and 54-1 (FOX, PBS, ABC, NBC, CBS, WB respectively). Unless your TV has QAM tuning, you'll get nothing over TWC unless it acts as a good UHF antenna and you put it in the ATSC input. The Cable (i.e. NTSC input) will give you nuthin'. So, if nothing else, try...
The included antenna is basically the SILVER SENSOR. So, yes you should be fine unless the ATI tuner sensitivity is totally lame.
Faygoo, Don't buy anything TERK. Get a nice directional antenna, such as the U75 model from Radio Shack. Or, you may even get some good reception from a Zenith Silver Sensor. All the stations in Austin now have a lot of power, so you may not need much as you can already tell. An attic/roof mount UHF directional is likely the way to go.
Ya... I checked FOX-DT yesterday about 8pm, and it was working.
Robert, Dunno off hand, but I can flip on the tube and check in a little while.
I used to care about MNF, but now I've become more of a college football fan. Maybe it's becuase we live in Longhorn Land? Or just that college games are often more exciting (albeit they take 4 friggin' hours)? So, the MNF move to ESPN doesn't irk me much. I just hope ABC gets their act together on broadcasting good (or all) college games in HD.
Al, While I'm not recording any HD, I did notice during the Apprentice (NBC), when they switched from commercial to show, there was some wierd pauses/pops on occasion. Other than that, I've not watched a prime time show on my HD tuner since the finale of that show. Guess I'm not much help.
Mike, It is model U-75R (Cat # 15-2160)http://www.radioshack.com/product/in...entPage=search Actually, if you have a hard time finding one, let me know. I'd be interested in selling mine, b/c I'm only 8 miles from thh towers, and I can probably move back to my omni-directional VHF/UHF cheapo now that FOX has cranked up the juice. This would allow Fox regular to come in better on my non-digital TV's. :-P Let me know how it goes....
I got a nice directional 17? element (UHF Only) deal from Shadio Rack. Might check them too.
they put them there so you never see them and instead spend $100 on the crappy TERK 55 antenna like I saw some poor sap load into his truck that same day.
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