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bc, Any chance you can bail on the QAM and just get a Silver Sensor or some attic mount antenna? You should get all the OTA stations, and probably with better picture quality too.
MinxMeister.... NO.... it is now at 1MW, I think. You should be able to get it all around. I just haven't updated the summary yet.
I'm getting 54.2 on one tuner (USDigital), and 54-1 one another (Samsung). Can't remember the PSIP data on either.... but yes, it is running a bit strange these days.
Alan... I'm with you... 100% OTA. I have not satellite, no cable, no nuthin. I was even mad that I didn't try the attic antenna for Analog stuff earlier (one TV in the house is very small and thus I'm not going to buy a DTV tuner for it), b/c the picture really isn't all that bad at my house, and thats without even making any adjustments to the antenna.
Also, signal strength is key with QAM reception. If your cable signal is not strong enough going into the house, the box will not find/lock onto the signals. I had basic cable ($9/month) and road runner a while back, and with a Samsung SIR-T451, I was able to tune the QAM channels available at the time.
T-Techster, You no longer need ANY form of cable to get Road Runner for whatever the listed price is. They were losing too mnay people to DSL and discontinued that policy. So, I believe you can cancel even basic cable and still have the modem going for no extra fee.
Alan, Dunno where you live, but that is a LOT of antenna. Used to have one myself to pick up KEYE when it was low power. Anyway... I just canned cable myself yesterday. I had the $10/month. The only thing anyone misses STYLE -- my wife liked to watch a show or two on there on occastion, but not worth $10/month. -Rob
I'm getting some signal on Channel 13, but not enough to lock. Anyone know what this is? I'm drawing a blank. I'm looking at my own summary page, and I'm not seeing anything.
KYOO... Yup, I bet it's been working all along, but we suckers who have lame receivers and didnt' channel rescan (I'm speaking for myself, of course), got nothing.
'shana, OK... FINAL EDIT for the evening..... Do a channel scan again. After not getting the channel on either of my receivers and nobody else beside you having an issue that I was aware of, I had my DB-2010 rescan channel 33 (not 24... it couldn't find anything there), and once it locked, the picture was back up and fine, on both 24-1 and 24-2. They must have done something to their hardware on their end that requires a rescan on some folks receivers. That is...
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