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Mike, Thanks for that info... I'm glad Fox is finally going higher power. Of course, this comes at a time in my life when I watch about 0 hours of TV per week. Oh well.... now it will be easier to explain to people how they can go about getting the major 4 channels in HD in Austin.
Mike, As I have driven past the antenna farm and have not seen a new tower going up, I suppose they are just adding an additional antenna to the top of their tower (or renting space from another tower that can supposrt the additional antenna)? How is this all working? -Rob
Robert, Could just be the positioning of your antenna. With the way it's positioned, maybe you're getting a lot of [multipath for example] which one reciever is able to handle better than the other. Try a reposition if possible. I don't watch much TV at all anymore, but last time I did look (maybe a week ago), I was getting all the networks... even FOX (no clue why on this one). I think it was last saturday during the PGA Golf Tourney that I looked. I have an...
RussellC, I just PM'd you and deleted this post. I figured it be a better discussion off the board. But for the benefit of all of us Austinites, what projector did you purchase?
It is strange, but I'm getting a fairly "consistent" Fox signal these days... no idea why... my hardware and antenna are the same. To be fair, I've only flipped to fox 2 or 3 times in the last two weeks... so maybe I just hit it on perfect atmospheric days?!
I'll be so glad when EVERYTHING (commercials, news, TV's, etc) is in 16:9. Then we won't have letterbox this and pillar box that.
I got no new info on Fox, but then again I've not specifically sought out new info. I am hoping though...
Uhh... if you look at the right tech bargains dot com site once in a while, you'll see that you can get that 24" LCD for Less. Also, when you ask such and open-ended question, what type of response are you looking for? You have to tell us what you intend to use it for... if just for some sort of HDTV setup, then go for the 24". If for PC use with dual monitors, I bet you'll get other anwers. I assume that you're using it for you PC. Well.. with two 21"...
Mike, I looked all over Austin some time ago for the 4200. Best bet is on-line! Locally you'll only find the Mot, Samsung, and maybe one other box, but not the LG. If you try any store, try the HOME THEATER STORE on Burnet. They carried the LG LST-3410 and 3510 last time I was there. They didn't know anything about the 4200, though, when I asked. This was >6 months ago, however.
Just MHO, but the Samsung 451 wasn't the greatest. The QAM search/tuning was cloogy and slow. But it is $100 cheaper than the LG 4200A, so that does make it worth tyring.
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