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Well, I didn't happen to see the golf tourney in HD this weekend, but I did watch the Masters last april in HD on CBS... I'd say it was pretty darn good. No text or "3 flag" problems. Maybe they just had some crackerjack crew out there at the WGC and/or they were doing some extremely sorry conversion of digital signals. Less than 2 months until Augusta... I don't think you'll be disappointed. To be fair though, the Masters was the first HD tournament shown, so I think...
I watched CSI last night in HD on CBS, and I believe that it was in DD5.1
bc, edit: WOW! I just did some deeper investigation, an found out (you could have told us this if you read the manual... hehehhehe) that the SANYO sets do, in fact, handle QAM unencrypted signals!! http://www.sanyo.com/entertainment/t...32744_4417.pdf See the spec page... page 4. This is pretty amazing considering the price... built in ATSC and QAM tuner for only $700-ish. If only I could get the wife to let me buy one. :-P
Can you provide a model number for that Wallyworld Sanyo set? I looked at the two 30"+ sets that Walmart has on their Website (HT32744 and HT30744), and they both have integrated HD tuners, but NO QAM tuner. The sanyo website seems to confirm this as welll.... http://www.sanyo.com/entertainment/televisions/digital/ I could be wrong, but I would not plan to have a QAM capable tuner at that price for the TV set. That being said, the HT30744 looks like an attractive...
Really.... man... I just tried it again with Firefox, and it looks fine. Here is what version I have if I go into the About pulldown (under HELP): Mozilla/5.0 (Windows; U; Windows NT 5.1; en-US; rv:1.7.5) Gecko/20041107 Firefox/1.0
Fox-HD on TWC 1501
Does anyone using FireFox or Netscape have a problem when looking at the HDTV Channel Summary page? I was contacted by someone using FireFox who said it was all messed up (sent me a screen capture, and it WAS all messed up). I tryed looking at it with FireFox on my computer, and it looked fine. So, any other experiences would be helpful.
Some more updates... ot GRANDE and DIRECTV. Cinemax is now up on GRANDE. Anyone know what channel Bravo is on DirectTV? I was just told 74 is "Universal", but before I had Bravo being 74. Are they the same channel? I don't have anything other than BASIC cable, so I have NO clue.
Well... by "slapped up" I was contrasting with building a completely new tower. I wasn't implying that they would band-aid something like they have now. :-)
OK... I made some updates to the SUMMARY based on some new info given to me (thanks Charley!). All updates are for GRANDE COMMUNICATIONS!!!
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