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Any word on if they need to build a new tower, or is this just going to be slapped up on their old one somewhere? Also, if I'm not mistaken, how is this the most power HDTV transmitter in town, when KXAN is 100+kW, CBS is at 1MW?
I agree with Joxer... HD PVR's are still in their infancy stage, for the most part. So, inevitably in a year or two, there will be something better (i.e. one with a 400GB HD that allows you to record tons of HD content). Moreover, as Joxer said, if 1.01 years from now, the box breaks... if you are renting, you just walk in and exchange it for whatever is the STB du jour. But if you buy, now you are stuck with what would be a >$100 repair bill.
Man, if that was your dream, you need to cut back on your TV watching! :-P
You got Fox-HD with a TERK antenna and the built in tuner on your Mits? WOW... congrats. Think you can pipe the signal to my house for the super bowl? Is your TERK mounted outside or in the attic? Where did you get your compass... I was looking around (albeit not very hard) for a compass to position my antenna... b/c it's so hard to tell exactly where I'm pointing when I'm up in my attic. I took back my Sammy T451. The interface is just too slow and the OTA reception...
Techster, The amp / no-amp thing really does depend on your location and topography surrounding your house...b/c without my amp on my antenna, I can get NO signal on FOX at all. With the Amp, it is there, although sporatic. Also, the other stations come in more strongly for me with the amp.
djflippy, Visual Problems with OTA: you either get the station or you don't. The in-between (weak signal) is dropouts and/or picture lock-ups. Really that is about it. If you have a decent antenna and don't have weird topography (buildings, hills, etc) in the line-of-site between you and the towers, you should get a decent signal on all stations save for FOX. 6.5 miles is a bit less distance than I live from the towers, and I get FoX sporatically with drop-outs...
Kyoo, I live at 78727 near Fry's too (Scofied Farms). Maybe I can give you a hand with your antenna if you need some help. -rob
All, I'm getting rid of all my "HOME THEATER", "SOUND & VISION" and other HT mags from prior to 2004. Anyone an "old issue" collector? If so, you are welcome to my stash, otherwise it will either hit the recycling bin on Wednesday or if I can find a Library or something that would want them, I'll donate them.... Let me know if you want them....
scopeman, yes you can... you still pay the extra $6.95/month or whatever the HD converter box.
To be fair... a 30" screen isn't going to show the picture "defects" nearly as much as other folks' 50"+ sets. And I was watching on a 106" screen, so any defects pop right out.
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