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Great show. Disappointed to see Morgan go, but I agree she did not help herself by admitting that she gets what she wants because of her looks. I was hoping Cass would have jumped at the chance to take out Tony. Maybe she really is more of an emotional player than a strategical player. I'm not sure how she plans to win this.
Looks like it was another awesome gtg. I feel humbled by everyone's knowledge and enthusiasm that go to these events. 24"...are you kidding me??? . Wow. Thanks for sharing the pics and details.
Wow! Amazing. Wish I was there. Keep posting pics.
How would she be able to accomplish this? If she went back on her word the other tribe would not trust her again. If anything she would be the next target.
You think there would be one by now. Some app developer needs to get to work on one.
I am not sure if LJ used his idol for that reason or if he felt like it would come back to bite him later in the game if he didn't use it to protect Tony. I can imagine Tony would have been pissed if he found out later in the game that LJ had an idol and was only out to protect himself.
Makes sense. The scene with Sarah talking to Tony she looks incredibly dirty and dingy. I don't remember her looking as bad in her commentary.
Some sort of barefoot shoe. Contestants have wore similar shoes in previous seasons
Sarah had everything figured out. LJ and Tony did not have the idol. She was in the best position and had all the control. She was "the president". People had to do what she said....oh wait a minute none of that was actually true. . I'm glad she got the boot. Kass felt like she was at the bottom. Give Trish credit for being aware that Sarah made her feel this way and using it to her advantage. Side note...I think I am a fan of yoga now.
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