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So - you don't think a new KRP-600M is worth as much as, say, a new Panasonic TC-P60ZT60 - even though people judge their picture quality as equal, or the KRP-600M even a bit better?
I was wondering if I could get opinions on what would be reasonable to pay for a brand new (zero hours) Pioneer Kuro KRP-600M 60" plasma? Is it, for example, worth paying $4,000 for one? Higher? Lower? Let me know what you think. Thanks! DC
Wow. IMHO this is a step DOWN from the MC-12HDEQ in most ways. No automatic room equalization/EQ DSP daughterboard, no Logic7, no multiple-sub outputs, less setup/input flexibility... Other than decoding the new audio formats (which my BD player does and sends as 7.1 LPCM - and which I'd rather have my BD player do anyway)...what does this add? It certainly takes away a few things. I'd MUCH rather keep my MC-12BHDEQ. I could add an outboard video processor / scaler /...
Curved OLED screens are this year's DIVX*. (*product that nobody asked for - and nobody wants - being foisted on us by clueless execs).
Wow. Just.....wow.
Soooooo........ ........did you TELL them? Did you TELL the highest-ranking person you could find in each of the manufacturer's booths that curved screens are near-universally-loathed, and don't make sense, technically, at small-to-medium screen sizes, and that we're all waiting, money-in-hand for flat screens? It's great to report that there were no flat OLED screens at the show; The real story I was hoping for was what the vendors said when you asked them why not.
Wow - it's really simple: People aren't being negative against LG or OLED - they're complaining (rightly so) about the stupid CURVED SCREENS. Can we please try to get the message to Manufacturers (LG, Samsung, Sony, Panasonic) whether they have stupid curved products already or not - as well as to people like AVS, Best Buy, Value Electronics and Cleveland Plasma - that we DON'T WANT curved screens? It's just getting stupid.
CAN EVERY SINGLE PERSON FROM AVSFORUM ATTENDING CES PLEASE TELL EVERY TV MANUFACTURER IN ATTENDANCE that NOBODY, N O B O D Y.... WANTS THESE STUPID CURVED SCREENS. Stop with the "technology statements" and start using common sense, and listening to your customers. Thank you. That is all.
Yikes. I just bought a new KRP-500M (and not just "new to me", and actual new new one). I really hope it doesn't have this issue when it arrives.
Why didn't REVEL make a proper "C206" center speaker? The F206 and M206 seem to be the real "sweet spot" of the line, and best reviewed (and will likely be the best sellers). But frustratingly, neither the C205 nor C208 properly match in drivers or recommended power. Why, oh why didn't they just make a "C205", using the same drivers as the 206, in the same array/arrangement (not sideways, like the C205) and able to take 200W input power (to match the F206). Most HT amps...
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