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As far as desired features for the DragonFly, I can sum it up fairly simply in this way: - All the inputs, outputs, scaling options and configuration features of the upcoming Faroudja 1080 box (or, the current 1010 with full 1080i deinterlacing and scaling) - but with the Silicon Optix Realta chip, of course... - Plus the Mosquito processing BUILT IN... (why mess with two boxes? And, as others have pointed out - other units will quickly hit the market with the chip,...
I really want to buy one of the slick DIGN cases (HV5) -- but I can't find anyone in North America with them. Lots in Europe, the far east, and Australia -- but nothing on this side of the world. Can someone point me to where I can buy one? (Note that I'm not looking for the Ahnix D.Vine, but the genuine DIGN). Thanks! DC
>>It would be difficult to say I'm not affiliated with 169Time.com >>I'm not the owner of the 169time.com OK, so the actual "ownership" (wink wink) of "169Time.com" is not technically "in your name" (your wife's or something) -- is that right? C'mon, there can't actually be TWO different people named "Richard Adams" that are the sole proprietors (whether technically the "owner" or not) and one-and-only-developer/engineer/assembler/salesman/bottle-washer of...
I know it's off topic, but....is the "Richard Adams" that started this thread the same "Richard Adams", sole proprietor of 169Time fame? (It would seem so, based on his location and Dave's affectionate description of him). If so, I gotta ask: If you're posting about other stuff in the forum, why don't you speak on behalf of 169Time (instead of Dave) -- and directly address everyone's questions and concerns? DC
It's truly ridiculous that I have to explain this, but here goes: "Free" would be if you bought the product, and received a year of updates, free of charge. There is nothing "Free" about buying the product, then having to pay an additional fee to be covered for a year's worth of possible updates. DC
"the policy has always been you can pay for a one year free update." Ummm, uhhh, yeah....OK Who want's to explain to Dave what "free" means? DC
Dave, it's bad enough that you shill for 169time 24x7 -- but why do you feel the need to come into other non-related threads and poo-poo all over any other potential competing product? This only lowers your profile and credibility further. Why not just stick to cheerleading for 169time? (BTW - "Vaporware", by definition, is a product that is promised/announced but NEVER comes to market; do you REALLY believe that the 921 is such a product? It's been delayed, and...
Does anyone know if Faroudja is shipping the NRS-DVI, DVP1000 and DVP2000 yet? I'm anxious to confirm whether the DVP1000 will actually properly deinterlace 1080i to 1080p (or just "Bob"), as previously speculated within the forum. Anyone know if they're out -- or when they're coming out? Thanks, DC
PVR -- it's my guess that your speculation is right on the money. One wishes that Richard would work on developing a new product (HDVR-2?) that moves the functionality that the AVX-1 adds back onto the HDVR -- rather than developing more products based on the AVX-1 two-box "kludge" (which is what it effectively is, if your speculation is correct). This would be the most elegant solution, and negate the need for separate boxes (or software add-ins for a PVR, which we've...
You're right -- to inspect and reframe/reformat packets (if that's what the AVX-1 needs to do) a low-level driver would need to be written (or purchased). It may not be easy (no one ever said it would be) or cheap (if 3rd party products are required) -- but I stand by my statement that it definitely could be done. DC
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