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Delicious. Great mix of Fargo-the-movie-style humor and some grisly scenes, too. Doubt they'd have come this close to the original without the aid of the movie creators. -- John
Thought quantum service was just a boost in speed from Verizon (router defined), while "enhanced" was one of the three levels possible if you can get a VMS-1100 6-tuner DVR. -- John
An interesting new season. Believe there are two episodes to start this initial mystery. The bad guy(s), to be vague, belong to an organization some UFO fans accuse of squelching Roswell reports. As with season one, there's a short follow-on documentary briefly outlining Bletchley's decoding hardware and other details. -- John
Early review in today's NY Times: http://www.nytimes.com/2014/04/15/arts/television/fargo-a-tv-series-riffing-on-the-film-begins-on-fx.html?hpw&rref=television Reads like fun. A limited-episode series--initially at least. -- John
Tonight is the 2nd season on some PBS stations. The women get together again to help one of their own, accused of murder. -- John
Maybe LMN will pick up a 2nd season if A&E doesn't. Seems like a welcome change from most cop shows. Good production, too, although I couldn't track down--out of curiosity-- what camera(s) they're using with a web/IMDB search. Came across a short interview with the star via the show's Facebook page. That basement caged-reptiles episode last week, coming across the spooky dude horror-movie style, reminded me of Clarice Starling poking about another dark basement. -- John
A welcome addition to Verizon's FIOS. DVRed a few international older films so far, like '75's "The Passenger," and "The L-Shaped Room." Yesterday Cinemoi even listed a single film in the free-movies VOD section, but Cinemoi is missing completely from VOD today. Too bad they don't have a long VOD list of free films like Cine Sony. Another FIOS international-film option, with various geographical breakdowns, is under VOD, but it's only pay-per-view. -- John
Cinemoi is on FIOS channel 236 in the NYC area. A web search came up with this multichannel description . Don't follow Verizon's news sources closely. Wish they'd mention new channels in e-mails. -- John
An interesting departure from cop shows, detailing a '70s punk rock group's evolution to wider audiences. It's slated for various March showings and is on-line , too. About 50 minutes in there's a fascinating interview with "Parallel Llives" record producer Mike Chapman, showing how he built Debbie Harry's "Heart of Glass" track by track. -- John.
Looks like at least two episodes have been slated to solve the second serial killer investigation. Meanwhile, for most of the last night's show, detective Catherine Jensen (Chloe Sevigny) is depressed until she's cleared for shooting the first killer. Meanwhile her chosen forensic consultant, Thomas Schaeffer (James D'Arcy), plays a bigger role in the series. Again, a fast-paced shorthand writing/directing pace for the second episode. -- John
New Posts  All Forums: