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I use a Lexicon MC-12 V5EQ with internal room correction and a blueray player connected using the 5.1 analog input. I think it works very well and that it sounds excellent. The only thing is that I would like to have a 7.1 input instead of the 5.1 but I think that Logic 7 makes up for some of the loss. It is also a bit inconvenient to have to switch channels for audio and video separately for HDMI sources but I think that the cost of updating to a MC12HD in order to...
I am using a Lexicon MC12B V5EQ at the moment. I am very happy with it however it is the non-HD version which means no HDMI and no HD sound formats so I am looking to replace it. So which is the best processor to replace it with? I want all outputs to be balanced, digital room compensation, automatic calibration, at least 6 HDMI inputs and two HDMI outputs. Thanks, Ingvar
Any chance of hosting the files somewhere else? I have been trying to download the files from sendspace and I am getting transfer speeds of less than a byte per second.... Just to make sure that everything is ok on my end I tried downloading the RC1-files from SpectraCal which went just fine... /Ingvar
And it's still the only affordable BluRay-burner (at least in my neck of the woods).
Another concern is heat and noice from the RAID and disks.
A dvd can have a bitrate of up to 10 megabit/s or app 1.25 megabyte/s. A modern harddrive is many times faster than this, at least 10 megabyte/s. Also you will tax the CPU with the RAID unless you buy a RAID controller with a processor of it's own. These RAID controllers are fairly expensive... /Ingvar
It look normal to me. I have a similar graph in my system. It is difficult to give suggestions with so little information (it's difficult anyhow) but there are threads on HD playback both on this forum and at "The green button". I followed one of them (sorry I don't remember which) and I got it to work. /Ingvar
I use Vista Ultimate and NVidia drivers..
I finally got my 1080p .mkv material to play smootly but I get a capu usage of 50-80% using a D940, 2GB RAM and a 8600GTS. Is this normal? Have I missed something that disables hardware acceleration? I have checked the necessary boxes in NVidia control panel. Thanks! /Ingvar
My beloved Sanyo PLV-70 has died on me. Power is connected but the "Ready" LED does not come on. There is no reaction to either the remote power on or the power switch. The lamp is almost new, it has less than a hundred hours on it. Any ideas? Does anyone have the service manual and/or the service manual additions or know where to download them? Any and all help is appreciated! Thanks, Ingvar
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