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I have the MRX 300. When I set the DRC setting to "Late Night", it doesn't seem to stick (I set it by pressing the "Dolby Vol" button, on the front of the receiver, twice, and pressing 'up' on the navigation wheel). It always reverts back to "Normal" and I have to set it again (after powering off the MRX 300). Any ideas how I can fix this? Thanks
Hi guys Can I do: Digital Coax input to analog stereo RCA output on the MRX 300? I need to connect a small iPod speaker (that only has a analog minijack input) to the MRX 300, and my input is from a digital coax source. Thanks
I can haz projector!
I've just bought the 46" LC-46LE631E (EU version of the 632U). Two questions: 1. Do you think the settings posted here will transfer well to the EU version of this set? 2. Is there any documentations on IP Control (controlling the TV via Ethernet, instead of IR); which commands are available etc.? Thanks,
Any way that I can use the iTunes module to control a computer running iTunes, not on my local network? I have a remote iTunes that I stream from.
What capabilities will the Panasonic iPhone/iPad app have when used with fx. the WT50?
I know you probably won't recommend me selling my MRX 700 in this thread, but I have downgraded my 7.1 setup to a 2.1 setup (and could use the money from selling the MRX 700) I have thought about getting an Onkyo 609 (or the new 616) instead. Do you think I'll be terribly disappointed with the Onkyo's music performance now that I'm used to the MRX 700? My new speakers are two Anthony Gallo Diva Ti's and TR-1 subwoofer. Thanks,
You guys think that I can finally replace my 8G Pioneer Kuro, with one of the 2012 Panasonic's, and achieve (at least) the same picture quality? It's all speculation right now, I know I'll wait for OLED prices to go down, so this would a nice TV until then, I hope.
Do you guys think iRule will ever be 'power state aware'? I mean like my Logitech Harmony, it knows which devices are in use and powers off the others when changing from ie. TV watching to Xbox gaming.
I'm looking for a new 2.1 speaker setup. My dealer will let me audition two Micro's and two Diva's, with a TR-1 sub, tomorrow. I will test them with my current receiver, an Anthem MRX 700. I'm looking to sell it and replace it with something less expensive, would ie. an Onkyo 608 be a good match with the Gallo's? Also, when I look for reviews of the Micro's and Diva's, they are from 2006, 2007 etc. Have new and improved versions of the speakers not come out since...
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