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I am replacing my 10 yr old Studio Experiece projector. It was awesome then, and is still has a great picture. I am considering the HW15. I have component cable hookup now. Any difference between using the component cables vs the HDMI?
I have the Comcast DCH3416. I have just updated my HT with a Denon 4310 reciever (my 5800 died). I purchased the 4310 because it had multiple HDMI inputs and 2 HDMI outputs. Hooked up the DCH3416 HDMI out to the 4310 cable in. Hooked up the 4310 HDMI out to TV#1. Worked great. Hooked up TV #2 with the 4310 HDMI out and both TVs gave a green screen with a message that came and went very quickly. So, I disconnected the 4310 HDMI for TV1, picture was fine on TV2. Connected...
I am in the process up replacing my current projector (Studio Experience) with an HD unit. Which gives a better picture...HDMI or componet hookup?
Hey Squonk. I watched "Bullet in a Bible" yesterday and I had the same reaction that you had. Too MTV like, the black and white mixing and the langauge wasn't to my liking. There problem is that these guys are pretty good for their type of music and I think they lose some potential fans with such a presentation. I have no interest in rewatching the concert.
Hi I have made some "best of" DVD's on my computer, but I was have been unable to create chapters on the DVD (Using Nero 6). Since the E85 has the ability to create chapters, if I can transfer my DVD to the HDD, I can make my chapters and then make a new DVD. Is it possible to write to the HDD from the DVD drive on the E85? If so, how? Art
You are right. The chapters were in 5 minute increments. I'm not sure there is a high speed option in the One Touch Tranfer feature.
I transferred a 25 minute video from VHS. The made chapters using the "divde chapter" feature in "chapter view". I am able to select and play the different chapters in "chapter view". I dubbed using the One Touch Transfer. The chapters are not on the DVD. What did I do wrong?
It was much better tonight. CSI was almost back to perfect...just a couple of blips. Thanks for all your imput. Sometimes there's comfort in not being the only one with a problem. Art
I have been getting a great signal from CBS up until about a month ago when the picture and sound would break up for about a second every so often. Now it's happening like every minute and lasting longer...maybe 2 - 3 seconds. I've checked my signal strength and it reads 100. I have an outside antenna (motorized) that I have moved to stop the break up. That doesn't make it better. I assume that it's probably a problem at my end, not CBS, but has anybody in the Chicago...
Better yet, I make "Best of..." CDs from the DVD concerts. They make for excellent listening on those long trips. And while I am listening, I can visualize the concert. Now, if i could just figure out how to make "Best of..." DVDs. Art
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