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While I'm aware it has been running on fumes for at least two seasons, I'll watch it until the end.
Last night was the shows second episode and so far I find it quite enjoyable. Greg Kinnear has a good handle playing an attorney who has seen better days, and the supporting actors are solid.
I'm all over this mini-series. I hope the remaining three episodes are as good as the first.
After reading the early reviews I went in with low expectations. I was mildly surprised that I enjoyed more than a number of critics. While not great, it's but not bad fare for a Saturday night.
I really liked Jack Paar and his stable of great guests, so I dreaded the changeover to TV game show boy Carson. I became a big fan of him soon thereafter.
 Great info. I too thought On Demand was lost if the cable box was eliminated from the service. My HTPC (my regular desktop computer) is only a few feet away from my 50" plasma so I could watch On Demand content on either my computer monitor or big TV, as I do now with my OTA DVR tuners.
It looks that way. I'll hoping he will weasel his way back to the top spot. Carol was really shining in this episode, from the power walk with Beverly to the interplay with the new boss.
I bailed after the second episode. I found the dialog, and delivery between Josh Holloway and Marg Helgenberger quite cheesy.
I had an internal tantrum over that unnecessary death. That dude had a dynamite hand blast that should have sent Jedikiah into yesterday.
Aaron has reached a point where he's only interesting when some unfortunate soul threatens or pisses him off.
New Posts  All Forums: