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That's super news. I love this show. Although she get's little screen time I enjoy Daisy Haggard's goofy character during table reads.
Jo Brand, the star of the British version was a guest on this Saturday's episode of The Graham Norton Show. She was hilarious!
I'd love to see a Wessen pop up on Portlandia this coming season.
I record both shows and usually watch Homeland Sunday night and Masters and Johnson Monday evening. Speaking of Lillian, I think she cleaned up rather nicely.
I found it decent and worth watching. Especially at this time of year when many shows take a holiday break. I found interesting the cast choice of Neal McDonough as William H. Parker. McDonough played 1st Lt. Lynn 'Buck' Compton in Band of Brothers who, after the war served with the Los Angeles Police Department from 1946-1951.
Last nights episode was intense. It was SOA's homage to Game of Thrones Red Wedding episode.
 The M48 was what we had in my outfit, the 3AD.
I recorded the episode and got to where Jason would be facing the minotaur. At that point I bailed out thinking it wasn't DVR worthy. Then later, after reading this thread, I thought I might have been too hasty, so I re-recorded it. Now after watching the entire episode I'm up for more fun tomorrow night.
I loved it when Root asked for another pistol. You knew then she was going into overdrive.
I'm open as long as it isn't Tim and Marie.
New Posts  All Forums: