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While I like the new version of Strike back I think the original is even better. It's seemingly more plausible and realistic.
Another viewer who yelled for a head shot as she strode past the body.
My problem with Merlin reappearing is the longshot of a Torchwood resurrection is now longer. 
I'll miss Carter but I'm glad Fusco survived. I find him an interesting character who now will probably get more screen time as he's the only cop resource within the group.
Ah, and now the softer side of the Gov.
Including no more furrowed foreheads.
I really enjoyed last night's episode, The Wesson of the week was an interesting choice, and done brilliantly.
Recording since the Sony Betamax was introduced.
My only wish is that officer Patrick Simmons get a service cap that fits him, rather than teetering on his head like a clown hat.
Then there's the good old Roman Legion's decimation policy.
New Posts  All Forums: