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I also get only sound on 13.1. Only one of three of my sat receivers can pick up the local channels so I passed on it.
Deane, On the left, right and bottom I have a lip or build up, in which the shade edges will be behind..... the concern is between the shades... the wall is sheetrock. Buddy
I plan on using 3 Power Rise shades to cover the 5 windows above my screen (see Attached). I will use an outside mount covering the windows wall to wall. The 3 middle windows are too narrow to use inside mount. I want to buy or make channels for the shades to ride in for a better look and block light. Does any one have any ideas or where I can get or make Channels. Thanks
I am also looking for a ISF calibration On my Sony 10 HT in Vegas. No luck so far.
I was told by a Sony Rep at CES that the set top box would be released mid to the end Of February.
I may be the last to recieve my screen and the last to post my results but I think Don Stewart and Crew have hit the Bullseye with the Grayhawk. For about 4 months I had the studio tek 130 ahd thought it was great but after calibrating the projector for the grayhawk I was really impressed. Blacks were improved, easily demonstrated by watching Lost in Space and Mission to Mars. Colors seemed to jump out at you, seemed more vibrant. Whites were hardly effected. This is the...
Just remembered that was the only one they had!
I just came from A Good Guys store and they have the new Mits hd Sat reciever.
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