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That's the way I recall it too...interesting how they shortened and simplified the wedding, esp. since Martin wrote the episode. This wasn't a bad episode by any means, but it might be the weakest one in the 4 seasons. It seemed almost paint by numbers, like Martin had decided "there is a lot of exposition I have to take care of, so lets get it over with." Could his interest in the characters/story have waned? Would explain his delay in finishing the books.
I'm thinking Elizabeth needs to interrogate Nina...with Nina using her SOP to win Elizabeth's trust. Oh, wait a minute, this isn't HBO.
Blood capsules...and the two extra shots were for Garrett's benefit.I hope I'm wrong but the way Hand and Coulson so easily went along with Ward going on the plane, and the almost casual way Hand ordered Garret's execution makes me think it was a ruse.
I agree Nina is playing her own game. And as long as her plan involves taking her clothes off, I'm fine with it.
You could be right, but I don't think so. All the info the so called clairvoyant had was due to hydra having access to all of SHIELD's computers, and the esp thing was just a ruse to hide their infiltration. Its why Hydra didn't know about Coulson's rebirth-Fury made sure there was no record of what had been done. Why he did that is the question-did he already suspect SHIELD had been corrupted at the time of Coulson's death? Anyways, Coulson figured out if Garret didn't...
I think we are on the same page. Hadn't thought of Boyd figuring out Ava's release was in return for informing on him, but you're right, he probably does.
Gotta remember its a comic book, have to look at it with a 12 years old logic. Its more about the sense of awe and wonder, not common sense. Ward definitely shot Hand more than once, which seems to prove which side he was on. And they made a point of reminding us how close he was to Garrett so the idea they were in cahoots was believable. But I still believe it was an elaborate ruse, with fake blood and the 2nd shot confirming to Garrett he was on his side. I think I...
I don't remember Boyd getting the guard to recant, he just let him go. A moment of empathy, after the guard confessed his love for Ava. Not the show's finest moment but acceptable. Raylan clearly saw Art as a surrogate father and his being shot sent him out for revenge. The moment of almost gloating over the dying Daryl was chilling. It seemed just killing him wasn't enough-almost like it was Raylan's plan to have him killed by his sister, knowing how important family was...
Agreed. The whole season has been very EL like, but "you know who" is the best at it.And its very hard to rank the seasons of Justified, they all being so good, but I've enjoyed this season as much or more than any of the others.
Not planning on seeing the movie. Is there anything I need to know before next weeks show?
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