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It is definitely time to forget this show. BUT...I dimly remember an EW piece, back when Lost was still great and all the rage. Both Lindelof and Cuse were emphatic that there was an end plan, saying the two bodies found in the cave in the pilot were the clue to everything. That implies that the mystery was solvable and they were encouraging the speculation to keep viewers hooked. They were the ones that made the mystery front and center by insisting it was all planned...
In the very first episode Boyd killed a cohort who he misjudged as an informer. His only reaction was basically "oops". He's never had any qualms about killing. Neither does Raylan, if you stop to think about it. The only difference is Raylan at least tries to give the semblance of being "justified".
I'm hoping you're right. As engrossing as the saga is, the later books could benefit from some heavy editing in my opinion. Martin has so many storylines going on by the 5th book, and seems in no hurry to resolve any of them. Instead he keeps adding more...
I don't get it. Are they going to diverge from the books then? I haven't kept up on info, aren't there 2 more Martin books planned? To expect him to complete the saga in the next 4 years seems overly optimistic, with his track record. Will the show go on hiatus while they wait for him to finish?
Boyd's dream is to own a DQ...don't think Michael would settle for that.
Granted that it has to be taken with a grain of salt, amazon has said the increase is solely to cover increased shipping costs. If that's true, its us streamers that are paying extra for folks like you. Seriously, its the combo that keeps me a member. I seem to like the Prime interface over the Netflix one. There's no logical reason for that I can think of, but there it is.
It would be nice if it didn't go up, but it is the first price increase ever, I think. When you think of what they might have done instead it seems reasonable. Its no more than what Netflix charges to stream, and I find I use Prime much more than them. Plus the 2 day shipping free comes in handy for the holidays
I'm not up on the comic book lore, so I'm confused...if Skye was a female hulk, wouldn't she turn when her life was in danger, for self preservation? Isn't that why Banner couldn't kill himself? Or is Skye in the process of becoming she-hulk and not there yet?
Aw c'mon guys. You know they are doing it for a reason. Have a little faith, this show never disappoints.
As you should be...It was all in jest. I'd be in her fan club too except for that damn chair
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