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So Drew is the first name of the guy on First?
^^^ that should be in the opening credits of the show clearly, a royal wessen.
wacky place, that Portland.
I would love to see her in shorts...
There are self-righteous fools on both sides of the debate. And that's all I'm gonna say about that.
I half expect Dewey to side with Boyd. He wants to get away from Daryl and Danny, and he also knows better than them just what Boyd is capable of. I'm also confused by how long its taking for the various plotlines to come together, unlike earlier seasons. But it also seems more and more that this season is a homage to Elmore, and that could explain the differences from prior seasons. Like gwsat noted, the writing style is very EL this year, even more than usual. It seems a...
Once more the coolest guy on tv is unlucky in love... The Crowes' double cross would be pretty clever, except its Boyd they're messing with...they should have paid more attention to what happened to Johnny...don't know how Boyd will pull it off, but the future looks bleak for the Crowes.
^^^ Nice. Thanks for posting.
So the Afghans did it? Hadn't occurred to me, but it seems likely.
Great post NetworkTv...caught a few things I missed. Hopefully you will continue your summaries each week, adds a lot to my enjoyment of the show.
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