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Just saw this last weekend and also enjoyed it. Seemed like a very realistic portrayal of Lincoln to me. I found the only dissapointment was they did not show the Washingtion monument in the actual film even though I clearly remember seeing it in one of the previews. Makes me wonder why the film makers would do that. And they did use fish eye but atleast no shaky cam. Thank god for that.
I'm getting somewhere this time, thanks TedO,
Can you explain this process a little better? I also live fairly close to Indianapolis and would like to attend. I am serious to upgrade my 9" crt but have no idea what digital product I would prefer. And haven't had any luck finding anything local to see in St. louis. Anyway I have absolutely no knowledge how to proceed. How do I get a sponsor and whats a Cedia code?
I'm still trying to get over the loss of the 70mm film medium. Just my opinion (that most others obviously don't share), I think public theaters have in general steadily progressed until about 1966-1970 and from there on it has been down hill ever since. Just look at what has happened since 1970. First they got rid of 70mm and then they started hacking up the big theaters into smaller rooms. And now they want to get rid of film altogether in order to save even more...
I'm just hoping to see a JVC RS-40 or equivalent before I buy a new one.
What really hit the chord with me is that Enya music is such a relaxing piece and then he puts on right before the anticipation of the major blood works! Might as well be feeling at peace while you whack away.
For some odd reason his cool nonchalant attitude coupled with that song he puts on.....thats when this movie started going into uncharted territory for me. Way passed Hannibal Lecter standards IMO.
Just saw this last night with my wife. Spoiler   [[SPOILER]] . I know I have heard the song before but can't for the life of me remember who the artist was. That was definately the most chilling point of the film for me.
Does anyone know, (short of replacing a lamp) if there is any way to know for certain whether the lamp is bad or not? Another words can a bad lamp shut the projector down completely or will it just put out a very dim picture?
I just tore the thing apart to see how it layed out. Apparently the main power supply feeds another box which feeds the lamp. I saw that voltage was getting to the lamp power supply so I decided to take the lamp out and hook it up with jump wires direct to the lamp power supply. When I did low and behold the lamp started lighting and fans started to run. But all is still not good because the lamp goes out shortly after the fans start up. The normal sequence is that first...
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