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I bought a projector with a bulb rating of 4000 hours... while some dimming toward the end might be expected, getting dark just past the halfway point is not.
I dont know how to turn the clear off, so it must be on.. where do i get the 4800 bios, and can u say how to load it? I assume via some type of usb cable from the pc? i'm the type who beleives "too much is just enough" which is why the 84" screen (and it is hi power bought from here avscience) is just big enough. now i want more brightness and go to a true 1024 even though i dont have a hdtv source as yet... thx
Thanks Scott, I already cleaned it 2 mos ago (had an icky film on it too) which seemed to help, but maybe its my imagination, its too dark again. Did you do the bios separately to see if that alone helped at all? thx
I dont know if it's my bulb dimming after 2300 hours, or perception, but the X1 just doesnt seem bright enough anymore. Dark scenes are too dark even with brightness adjusted up. What's the hot PJ upgrade from this? Looking for around double the lumens and like to go to a true xga, but the X1 has svga thats better than some xga units, i dont want to lose any image quality... ps whats a good source for the X1 bulb? does quality vary among aftermarket bulbs anough to...
I dont know HOW!!!!! Please tell me.... :)
Dish network all the time here and it looks GREAT to me... plus its brighter than DVD for some odd reason so I watch TV with lights on, DVd in the dark.
It is a high power washable dalight. Got about 1700 hours or so... its miunted in the wall up high, no way to move it. How do i clean it? I'd still like to know the next one up, twice the actual brighness and 1024/1080 res...
Love the X1, but I wish it was brighter, and while I'm at it, looking for 1080 (1024?) resolution... Any suggestions? Thanks!
Thanks, man!
4-way would do it, any suggestions under $35 bucks? thanks!
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