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I've got a narrow room and am looking to add some side channels to an existing 5.1 setup (Polks). The columns are already built and will only accommodate a speaker that is 8" or less deep. Any suggestions? I looked at some of the Polk bookshelf offerings, but they all were 10" or more deep, so I'm open to another brand. Thanks.
I've got a similar setup and went with a C2 for center, CM5s for rears and DS3s for sides. While the C2 is a nice speaker, if I had to do it again, I'd get a single CM9 and use that as a center. Maybe its mental, but I feel like I'm missing something from my center channel. The CM5 is a bona fide bookshelf speaker and is probably overkill for rears, but I had them so I used them. If you want to save some $$, go with the CM1. The DS3 is OK in monopole mode, but really...
If there is something in this range with manual adjustment, that would be fine. Automatic zoom was not a requirement. Old PJ was a Sony HW30 so owner must have been doing manual zoom or possibly had a Lumagen. No lens was present. (or he took it and patched the ceiling really well.)
Thanks for the link. Unfortunately the screen and mount are already in place and cannot be moved, and 2.35 zoom is a requirement. I'm doing a favor for a realtor friend who needs to stage a home where the previous owner pulled the projector and speakers, but left the screen. I guess budget could be increased to $1500 if that opened up options. 3D would be nice too, but not a requirement.
Looking for a recommendation for a ~$1K projector that can throw a 110" 16x9 image or 138" diagonal 2.35 image when zoomed in (or out). Mount is at 16'. Would like to stay away from DLP if possible.
What's the throw ratio on this projector? Does the 2030 have a better throw or are the lumens the only difference?
You definitely win for completeness of concept and well thought out plan. I don't know the price of all this, but in my head, I'm thinking it might just be cheaper/better to buy a true Synology system. Might be a little more up front, but in the end, you won't have to hassle with the possible incompatibility with hardware/software etc.
The PS3 glasses work great. I ended up using them more than the Monster RF one's I bought.Amazon has these for about $21 right now, (here) although I've seem them for as low as $18.
Before sending it to Sony, I'd try another bulb and see if it's the culprit. Did you get a 2nd bulb when you bought the projector? I've never seen or heard of a hardware problem causing flicker and it seems to always be a bulb issue. (I could be wrong of course, but if you have an extra bulb, it's only a few minutes to change it out) Even if you don't have another bulb, with 1300+ hours on your current one, you're going to want a new one soon so getting a new bulb to...
I thought the mede8er could handle MVC mkv files directly without having to use SBS or TAB? Do others have this "problem?"
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