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There is a fix available.http://langui.sh/2013/08/27/appletv-ssl-plexconnect/
To use EyeTV to get FTA satellite in the US, you need the EyeTV program, a USB Free to Air satellite receiver, and a satellite dish with low noise amp. The USB receiver must be one that EyeTV recognizes. The one I use is the Terratec S7. My dish is a Winegard 10' model with LNAs for C-band and ku-band. Smaller dishes and other amps also work. Use the EyeTV program to set up the receiver and search for channels. Lyngsat can to used to find the info for manual programming....
I am having trouble playing some 1080p mkv files that are recorded on a BR disk. The file is about 2 hours long, but it only plays for 1 hour (about 2GB) and then jumps back to the menu. Does the player not have the capability to play files that are larger than 2GB?
That's why Steve referred to bluray as a bag of hurt.
I have EyeTV 3.5.4 (6783) on 3 macs connected by cat6 ethernet. A. MacMini 2011 2.7 i7 8gb 256ssd 750hd 10.7.2 B. MacMini 2009 2.26 c2d 4gb 320hd 10.7.2 C. MacPro 3.33 6-core 10gb 6tb 10.7.2 A uses EyeTV 500 (firewire), Terratec S7 (usb), HDHomerun (IP) B uses EyeTV 250+ (usb) C uses HDHomerun (IP) A records OTA antenna, S2 FTA satellite, Digital Cable B records Digital Cable (usb) C records Digital Cable (IP) The only conflict is when trying to record...
This model will be officially noted at CES in January. Rumors of product availability will surface in March, with glowing reviews in May, followed by obscure details which foretell a less than stellar device in June. Pre-orders will begin in August, with actual product deliveries beginning in October, followed by a withdrawal from the market in November. Rumors of replacement model the 55LZ9999 will appear in December, etc., etc., etc. ;-)
I will wait for the just announced 55LM9600.
J&R has a lower price for the LG 55LW9800. Add to cart to see it. It is the lowest I have seen by $300.
While visiting Berlin, I picked up a Terratec S7 satellite receiver with a USB interface and compatibility with EyeTV. This tuner is good for DVB-S and DVB-S2, both C-band and Ku-band, although tuning C-band is complicated. I split the signal from my large moveable satellite dish and I am able to watch FTA programs and record them, some in SD, some HD, some with DD and additional languages, some with a built-in program guide, as well as live feeds for sports events. Even...
Silicondust.com has some software that can be used to show tv from the HDHomerun on the Mac through VLC. Go to their site, then support, then Mac, and download hdhomerun_mac_20111025.dmg This will update the firmware and install an app called hdhomerun_config_gui.app You can use this will cable signal to select a channel and then view it in VLC. You can also record the signal if you know how to do it in VLC. Still working on that. The window looks like the thumbnail...
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