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Thanks guys, Valuable input. Ya I'm really new to HDMI. So let me ask it another way, If I get an HDMI enabled receiver, then if I send the HDMI from the cable box to the receiver and then from there to the TV, will that send 5.1 to the receiver over HDMI? Regards
Not really a chore for me, teaching the GF, and the occasional visits from the parents is another thing
Hi Guys, I just bought a Samsung 55" D6900 LED TV. I'm seeing some advice and knowledge on how you guys have connected this TV to HT amps. The problem: This TV has apps like netflix, browser, etc., so in order to listen to this content I either need to use the TV speakers or find a way to send the audio output to my amp (an older Denon with no HDMI) What I tried: As would normally do, I connected the HDMI cable from my comcast HD DVR to the TV, then connected the...
Thanks for the explanation. I'll give that a try and see. I may have to pull a new line from the basement to the office... Cheers
so is there an equivalent diplexer setup I can use for comcast like I did with Dish? Cheers
Hello, I just moved off of Dish network to comcast. I had a nice setup with Dish where I was distributing the video/IR signal all over my house. Here's a link to my Dish-setup: https://docs0.google.com/drawings/ed...CJX80oIP&hl=en So I switched to comcast. I have one DVR in the living room and a DTA in the office. I'm trying to get the signal from the DVR into the office, and I have not been able to make it work. Here's the comcast...
Hi mntmst, I actually like kenwood, most of the systems I've installed in my cars over the years have been primarily kenwood. It's just disappointing that I see a brand that I like do crap like this, if they don't take care of their customers then they're just like any of the others, mass sellers, which is the point I understand. I called their support to see how I can get the nexus one to work properly, and I'm not kidding he told me they haven't messed around with the...
So I was the victim of the first gen of these the DNX8120 Well, not exactly victim but I've been disappointed since the day I installed it. I've posted about this before.The audio quality is subpar, actually it's crap as far as I'm concerned. I've never been happy with it. My $200 pioneer "backup" HU is lighyears better.I did understand it was a tradeoff, I wanted satnav and BT, so this was the best at the time.Now that I have a nexus one, all of a sudden SMS no longer...
Hi, I'm wondering if anyone know the answer to this. I have a DNX-8120 and my SonyEricsson phone is dying. I'm looking to get a Google Nexus one phone but I'm not sure if the bluetooth contacts sync will work. I read the specs on the BT for the nexus one and it seems like it should work, but I even called kenwood support and they didn't know. Cheers
Very cool thanks. I actually have a Laptop running XMBC in all its glory in my HT room. I am looking for something easier for the bedroom. Like I said the xbox can't play all the MKV file that I have been ripping. Good tips, I'll follow up. Thanks again.
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