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Yeah - one of the most notorious companies in this regard has been Dwin. In the past they have brought "prototypes" to CEDIA and have not released the production model for almost a year. This has frustrated dealers and consumers to say the least. Reed.
Jeff - what the heck are you doing here on the Forum? You should be watching your Qualia! :) Reed.
Dan - IMHO one of the most important factors in deciding between a lower light output projector and a light canon is the type of program material you watch, and thus what you perceive the picture should look like. For example, let's assume you watch mostly DVD material. You will soon adjust to the lower lumen's of the of the Sharp. It will produce a very "movie like" image. You will never think to yourself "wow, this is so much dimmer than the movie theater". Now...
If you go to projectorcentral.com and look up the two projectors in the manufacturer area, it will link to a "throw distance" calculator for each projector. Although these calculators are not exact, they are close and will take the mystery out of the screen size/throw distance questions. Reed.
Tycoondog2 - Why the rude response to Dandaroy's questions?
Yeah - like Darin said, nothing like starting at or near the top. Congratulations and have fun! Reed.
Ok - so we know the Sony Qualia is the current digital projector to beat. And we also know from early reports and shows that it kicks major league butt on HD, animation and high contrast material. What we don't know is how it looks on the stuff Sony would never show at demos - low light, low contrast DVD. So just how good is the Qualia on DVD's like Dark City, Panic Room, Lord of the Rings, etc? By the way, this is not some lame attempt to trash the Qualia. By...
Glenn, I second that! Darin has experience with a wide variety of digital projectors. And anyone who reads his posts should see he has no hidden agenda, just searching for the truth. We should get some really great info on the Qualia. I Can't wait. Reed.
This thread is losing steam.... Where the heck is HEAT? Reed.
Does the light spill indicate that the Dwin does not have a sealed optical path? I know a sealed path is one of the features of the Sim/Seleco projectors. They claim it helps to prevent dust and dirt from getting into the projector and light path. Reed.
New Posts  All Forums: