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WVEC's PSIP information - program guide and such - will be limited over the next few days as we take steps to prepare for a new software release. Please accept my apology for any inconvenience this may cause.
At 8:30 AM (EDT) this morning, WVEC-DT commenced operation at full power (1,000 kW, ERP).
Sorry about the problems...we had some technical problems with our automation and routing switcher control system over the weekend.
Sorry for this late reply...I've been out-of-pocket for a few days...Why do you assume that we haven't tried? When you vent an open question like this, please be mindful that there is only so much we engineering managers can discuss in a public forum without endangering our employment.You discount the bandwidth Cox needs to provide telephone service; high speed internet service; pay-per-view (PPV) and; video-on-demand (VOD). These services AND cable television are all...
The DBS vendors - DirecTV and Dish - don't seem to have any problem paying a modest, monthly fee to the broadcasters for their product. Why do the cable companies have a problem with it? Could it be greed? After all, why pay for something if you don't have to? On the subject of Nexstar Broadcastings fight, here is a short analysis from Television Business Report:Also from TVBR...Note how the increase levels are lower in markets where there is competition.
The carriage of local stations (SD or HD) has been a hot topic on this thread for years. Most recently as to whether Cox would carry the Super Bowl on Fox. Attached is a very good article that maps out the issues and the positions of the two parties. In presenting this, I'm not taking sides. I just think this is an excellent piece on the politics of this situation.
It's RF. The propagation can be different in your direction than it is in mine and, chances are, your installation is a lot better than mine. I watch a lot of TV at work and tend not to watch a lot at night. So I haven't spent a lot of time optimizing my antenna. I'm also using a long run of RG-59 with at least one splice. It's good enough for what I want to watch. Perhaps even more importantly, it approximates an "average Joe" installation. Also, don't forget that...
WGNT's tower is about 2,000' ESE of WVEC's tower. There are some differences: WGNT-DT's antenna is side mounted on that tower whereas WVEC-DT's antenna is at the bottom of the stack on top of the tower and; there is a difference of 250' - 300' between the elevation of the two antennas (WVEC-DT is higher). At longer distances, where the curvature of the earth starts to be a factor, the differences between the two installations can be the deciding factor in successful...
I am the Hall Monitor: These quips have got to stop! I've asked the moderator to remove the offensive posts. Please maintain a civil discourse. If you feel the need to make a dig or personal attack, post a private message to that party. Leave the rest of us out of it!
+309,441 Hz above the start of the channel.
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