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The pilot carrier is present to help the receiver lock to the proper frequency. For WVEC-DT, the pilot carrier is at 632,309,441 Hz.
Actually both DirecTV and Dish pay a per-subscriber fee to the stations for carriage of their signal. There is a huge push to HD coming...everyone is gearing up for it. Hence DirecTV's commitment to more satellites & HDLIL, and Dish's acquisition of VOOM in a NYC:60 (New York minute). We'll be happy about the compensation from the DBS guys. I just hope they can provide enough bandwidth to make it worthwhile.
Sorry Harold, I wasn't singling you out. Your comment just typified the discussion. But since the topic of the day started off about WTKR's signal strength, it reminded me that I haven't measured things for a while. So, I spent some time today making measurements of all the Hampton Roads stations. I made the measurements at two places; WORK - WVEC's Main Studio in Norfolk and; HOME - my house in the Mt. Pleasant Heights subdivision just east of Great Bridge. I employ...
I keep musing over everyone's obsession with "signal strength" (I think it is more a signal-to-noise ratio). In the world of DTV, if your Bit Error Ratio (BER) is above a certain threshold, you get pictures and sound. If it is below that threshold, you get nothing. So, if there is a working signal from WTKR, why all the concern with signal strength? WTKR has a two tube (soon to be three), Harris Sigma transmitter and the highest UHF/DTV antenna of all the stations. ...
WVEC-DT's 13-2 will revert back to radar sometime Friday afternoon. I'll make sure it runs at minimal bandwidth to insure there is enough bandwidth in reserve to handle those fast pans during sporting events. Local News on Cable (LNC) is an equal partnership between WVEC, Virginian Pilot and Cox Communications. The partnership agreement excludes LNC from airing on any broadcast, DBS or cable service other than Cox.Go to the head of the class!
It is true. I haven't received word of what the General Manager of WVEC wants to do yet. I will make an announcement when the decision is made. No need for you to respond Vincent, I know the option you would select!
We are still passing the HD feed from ABC to our 13-1 service. Not all of their coverage is in HD. What comes from them will be seen by you.Harold: I think it would be a good idea to keep political discussions out of this thread. I have some very anti-Bush sentiments that I air in the proper forums. This is not the proper forum. Thank you.
You would be surprised! Even with the number of DTV sets steadily increasing, there are a lot of people who barely comprehend the technology. I had a viewer call me last night who has had some difficulty with reception of channel 13 (analog). He suggested that the problem might be that we were using too much power for our digital operation. Providing school and business closing information is a very important function for all of the television stations. Not only does...
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