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I can now get the Samsung BD-UP5000 for $350 shipped! Brand new... i think I might have to go blue...
My local Pamida retail store ad has the Bee movie in HD listed Don't think I'll have much luck getting it though!
i used the same address(no Suite #) and they have shipped off the three I bought. One for the wife, and one movie for each of my boys. I myself already used my email account for google checkout long time ago. So it does work using the same address, and I may have typed in the info, but as long as the purchases wasn't for me.. my morals are in check
Just picked up 6 titles from amazon.de that came to $16.76 each, I can't complain. Still less then the Blu copy would of cost me As far as using the google checkout, if I have 5 people in my house, and we all have email accounts, why not use it five times for each person? Get really, they spam my 5 email accounts
Really? I live in a secluded area I guess! My local Walmart, 30 miles away has HD dvd players and movies still on the shelves, with no sign of lowering the prices! I took a trip to the closest LARGE city, and that Best Buy had 2 players on clearance, none in boxes. Yet they had a 10 foot row of space that had nothing but HD dvd's! It had been a long time since visiting a Brick & Mortar, and I found it interesting at all the Upscaling DVD players there are now. No wonder...
This is the "Theatrical" version, so I assume that is why it is so cheap??
Send some to me, I'll test them for you Sure wish I had a HV store near me!
Ya, it is something. they can sure tell US what to do with the stuff we buy, but when a format becomes obsolete, does that give US a right to us it as we see fit?
Under the "General" settings in the menu, it has a setting called "Twin Format Disc" Was this there under the 1.3 firmware?
I have had a Sony TV, as stated, HAD. Also bought a new one(on SALE). The first one went through two power supply boards. Not sure if thats very good "quality" Do you have numbers to back this up?
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