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Along these lines, maybe the time spent on the creation of Reek was based on Martin's input. That is, now that the outline for the entire book series has been created and presented to the show runners, they know that Reek has a very important role in the ending of the books. And that required a detailed showing of the conversion of Theon to Reek.Either that, or they are Sadists. :-)jdg
Denon 3312. Two years old. No issues up to now. Setup: 1) 3 HDMI inputs: * Two DTV HR22 DVRs set to native output * An Oppo 93 set to automatic output 2) 1 HDMI output into a 1080p Panasonic 3) Networking is not used/turned off (due to the reported fragility of the HDMI board) 4) Heat is not an issue. Symptoms: 1) One DVR had no picture, sound only. Did not work with 480i, 720p or 1080i output from the DVR. 2) Second DVR worked fine on all output...
Much slower paced than other modern TV series. Although not nearly as good, the pacing reminded me of the BBC Le Carre mini-series. I enjoyed it. Jdg
Somebody mentioned this "top ten TV deaths" link in another thread. http://www.newsday.com/entertainment/tv/top-10-tv-characters-deaths-in-2013-1.6630211 I was about to make a snarky comment about the author having not read the books and then I thought better of it: I'm sure somebody would have been pissed. :-) jdg
I got the impression that this was Carrie's prearranged escape plan, which seems to be a standard staple for CIA field agents. The group at the final destination, which was reached thru Columbia via a trawler from Nova Scotia, is in debt to Carrie for a previous favor.Jdg
Sure about that? I find the timing to be a bit too convenient.jdg
A couple of notes: 1) On the B5 viewing order, check out http://www.b5tv.com/showthread.php?t=11675 -- it gets complicated, but this also includes the TV movies. 2) On the DTV episodes not recording on SyFy, for my setup it has been a problem with the HD coding in the guide. That is, the Friday night episode was missing the code for an HD showing, so the DVR series link picked-up a later broadcast of the same episode - sometimes a week late. jdg
So.... will they have to bleep his dialog? NSFW: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=al7XJxlDoyQ jdg
I replaced my Denon 3806 with a 3312. The Denon 3806 allowed me to toggle the main speakers off and on with the headphones permanently plugged in.jdg
OK: I'll comment on this.The issue is the new design: you cannot turn off the speakers and keep the headphone jack plugged in. This was not true for older Denon receivers, where the headphone could remain plugged-in permanently.This means that any frequent use of headphones will require plugging and unplugging the headphone jack on a constant basis. Admittedly, the number of units that go bad are a small percentage, but why tempt fate if you have an alternative that...
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