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I am seeing the SC-75 on sale everywhere they are carried. Also the SC-77 for $1299 but the SC-79 is still $1700 everywhere.
Does anyone know if there are any differences in zoning between the 75 and 77? I haven't found anything in the manual but have seen a few comments about differences.
I have been looking at doing HD-BaseT setup for my basement build out. That may be an option for you if the phone lines are Cat5 or 6 cable. http://www.monoprice.com/Category?c_id=109&cp_id=10914
Sorry didn't realize..I won't post anymore on Comcast internet.
Here is what I see on the right hand side of that page.
You're right. I'm going to use sound isolation clips on the ceiling as well.
I'll grab a screen shot tonight on what I see on that page and post it.
Odd that's the page where is lists it for me. Already at 76GB for the month and only the first day Had to stop seeding the AVSForums theater demo bluray image. Now I gotta redo my entire backup and replication strategy as well. Can't have it backup and replicate data to the cloud as often to make sure I stay under the 300 GB. . I really wish Google fiber or a muni fiber would come to my area to give Comcast and ATT some competition.
I have updated my build based on the feedback I have received thus far. Thanks for the the PMs and replies they are very helpful. -We want to leave the "theater" area open so kids and people over can see that area/projector from the other room. I am going to change it where I can place the screen on the far left wall or the wall to the bottom of the theater area. -I am going to switch to use QuietRock drywall on the ceiling instead of the DD and GG. -Talked to the sub...
Good ideas. I think the AV Rack would fit well suspended in the sump pump closet. Thanks!
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