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I downloaded a new audio/video driver set from www.intel.com and that seems to have solved the problem with garbled audio.
I just built a new HTPC with the ASUS H87M-PRO motherboard and an Intel i3-4130. This system is replacing a Dell Zino which I used for several years until I decided it was just too slow. I installed the new system and connected it to my home theater using the HDMI connection. I am using JRiver's Media Center software for TV recording and Foobar 2000 for audio playback. These are the same packages I used on my previous system so I think they are configured correctly. I...
My HTPC will be stored on a stereo rack, so it should have plenty of airflow.I went ahead and chose the Arctic F8 PWM fan.Now I just have wait and see how it performs.
I am putting together a really basic HTPC. The basic components are: Asus H87M-PRO motherboard Intel Core i3-4130 or Intel Core i3-4130T 4GB DDR3 120 GB SSD 2 TB 5400 RPM hard drive Silverstone ML04B case How many fans should I install? I know the case supports 4 80mm. What brand/models are recommended?
I have been using Saturday return for several years. The last few times it did not work as expected. Once I miss that window, it can take several months for the items at the top of my queue to ship.
The first 18 items in my queue are all Blu-ray discs that have been on "Long Wait" since their release dates. These include "Ides of March", "Boardwalk Empire", "Justified" which I assume are high demand titles. But there are also titles like "The Guard", "Cave of Forgotten Dreams" and "London Boulevard". I expect the next round of releases on March 6 to join the rest of these items at the front of my queue. Strangely enough, "Hugo" is listed as available.
See the movie: Norma Jean & Marilyn (1996)http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0117201/
I still don't think I know why the tuner reported a problem yesterday. Here is what happened. 1) I have an HDHomerun with 2 tuners available on the network. These are used primarily by my DVR but they were idle until 5:15PM when I started recording Sunday Night Football. This recording lasted for 15 minutes (I think it was the pregame show) and then completed. 2) At 5:30PM there were two recordings scheduled: Seinfeld and the SNF game. The Seinfeld recording started...
The recording history is not helpful. It shows two problems: 1) A conflict with another recording. I assume this is because one of my tuners has a problem. 2) The same error code (0xC0040524) associated with the tuner that has the problem. Unfortunately that does not help explain what the actual problem was.
There seems to be a problem with tuner priority in WMC 7. I was trying to record on a secondary PC which has an internal TV tuner. Unfortunately that system seems to have grabbed one of my HDHomerun tuners instead. I am now unable to use two HDHomerun tuners on my primary DVR. I double checked on the secondary system and it has the internal tuner listed as tuner #1 on all the channels that are available in my guide. The Windows event log shows error 0xc0040524 for one...
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