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Thanks for the update Ted. I appreciate it.
Hi Ralph,Would it be possible for you to share your settings of the RS4910 ? Thanks
Joel, the 2014 JVC's are out almost 4 months now. Do you have updated ETA when we might see the autocal ? Thanks.
Erich, are you making flatpacks and pre-assembled crossovers for them ?
The DI is equally good on both projectors. I couldn't see the pumping action from either one.The biggest difference I see is the LS-3 has a much richer/ saturated color than then Z30K. Also the LS-3 has much better blacks and contrast. Due to those two factors the LS-3 provides an extra layer of dynamics and pop that the Z30K just couldn't muster. The LS-3 looks sharper due to the bigger pixel gap of the 0.95" chip; however the Z30K looks smoother, more natural...
I agree with Drexler. I watched Elysium on my friend's 600ES and X500 on a 120" screen. They were very very close and I couldn't hardly tell them apart. The 600ES may be a bit smoother and less digital. If you are only interested in watch bluray's then the Sony is not worth the $6K difference.
My Z30K can hang with my X500 in bright scenes. In dark scenes obviously there's no contest but the Z30K still does a decent job. The Z30K is sharper, has better motion, and a bit more natural looking than the X500. I would not give up the Z30K for the X500. I also had the LS-3 for few days and it was even nicer than the Z30K due to better sharpness, better/ more saturated colors, and better contrast/ blacks; however the throw was too long for my room.
I owned the JVC X500 and just read this review. When can we expect Calman 5 Autocal to work with X500 so I can use the i1D3 meter ? http://www.hdfever.fr/2014/02/19/test-jvc-dla-x500-2/ JVC provides free autotune software compatible with the DLA-X500. This software is available for download on this page: http://www3.jvckenwood.com/english/down nsoft.html ... This is a good initiative, especially since the software can perform a complete calibration. The patterns are then...
I am thinking about building a SI-18 sub. What is the difference between this flatpack versus the Martycube ? I know the Martycube is bigger but does it perform better as well ?
Hi guys, I posted this question at another old Proceed thread. Hopefully someone could help me. I just bought a AMP3 from ebay. The unit plays fine but I noticed the power seems a bit weak so I did the pink and white noise test. With my Onkyo NR5009 volume at 60, the AMP3 read 74 dB pink/ 79 dB white with my Radio shack meter. My NR5009 read 77 dB white/ 79 dB pink and my McCormack DNA-125 read 78 dB white/ 81 dB pink. Why is the AMP3 reading so low at 74Bb pink ? Is...
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