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Quote: Originally Posted by hessel holland I believe you've got the model incorrect. There was a model called the Vision but not Vision 100 as far as I know. The Current models are Vision DVI, VisionPro, Vision HDP. The Lumagen Vision is an older model. Yes, I believe this is the first gen Lumagen Vision (msrp $1000), not Vision Pro. It's listed as Vision 100 at dealer's website, probably an error.
Anyone familiar with this first gen Lumagen Vision ? Would this scaler coupled with 480i dvd player get me a better picture than V880DX at 720p with the NEC ?
My local dealer has a Lumagen Vision 100 for sale at $500. Is this a good buy or an outdated product for $500 ? What kind of scalers can you get for $500 these days ? I am currently running at NEC 6PG via HTPC at 1280 x 720. I don't want to fool with HTPC anymore. Couple other options I am thinking about: 1.) get Momitsu V880-DX 2.) get the Moome DVI/component transcoder box & upscaling dvd player. Thanks.
The Costco deal at 3999 is not that great, right ? VA is selling for 34xx. Good thing with Costco is you can return anytime if you are not happy.
i just bought the ELT package on a close out deal. I am second guessing if I should get the SVS package instead for $300 more. I know the SW10 is no match for PB-10. I hope someone can do a comparison on the mains and center.
scottatl, I went to Hifi Buys at Kennesaw and Marietta yesterday. They do not have any new S12s. They have only floor models and still wanting $499. Which Hifi Buys did you go ?
I am fairly sensitive to rainbows. Do you see rainbows with H78DC3 or feel fatigue after watching for a while ? I am leaning towards the AE900 for this reason. I have not seen either one. Virtually impossible anywhere locally in Atlanta.
daddy_guy, Have you seen the Toshiba SD-P2800 yet ? It shows as being available at several e-tailers. I like Philips PET1000 but think the Toshiba might be better.
I got the 42PD50U.
yes, I agree with Bud-man. With the PD50 at 20% off msrp at various B&Ms, it's a no-brainer. I got one last night.
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